Tuesday, December 31, 2013

November...at Last!

I know, I know. Ive been promising to post Thanksgiving pictures and here it is time for Christmas posts. I finally found my missing camera cable!

 Let's start with November and I'll share Christmas with you next time. We were so delighted that Nick and Diana joined us for our Thanksgiving this year. Last year they were in sunny Thousand Oaks, CA with Nick's grandparents, having just moved to San Diego. This year we ordered up a proper fall for them and had orange leaves and snow all in one week. I 'll admit that now that I am a Gramma, that baby boy is a big plus for them! They can come and bring him to my house any time...ANYTIME!

The following is a pictorial review of Thanksgiving, heavy on the grandson!

Pa reads great stories and there's usually some ice cream when he's around.
Gram gives out tiny pumpkins and leaves her storage boxes out so you can climb inside of them! Roxie gets her teeth brushed...that is totally fascinating.
You can get Christmas presents early if you look at Gramma with your big round eyes.
Some people want to put bunny hats on you, but you can rip them right off!

It was a wonderful time. Nick had to leave us early to get back to school and work, but Lucas and Diana stayed for another week. What fun we had! I share our December with you next time!


Nancy Face said...

Oh, such happiness, and he's so very cute! I especially love him in the dryer, and messing around with the toilet, ha!

URFAVE5 said...

So fun! Im so glad you got to see and spend time with Lucas and of course Diana and Nick too:) What a great way to spend Thanksgiving with most of the people your the most thankful!
We sure love you and your sweet family!

Love You All,