Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday Rachel!!

Happy birthday to my sweet girl!! Rachel Miriam Loose was born January 25, 1991 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the fourth of my five children and the fourth girl! Her older sisters were a bit annoyed when they found out our new baby was another girl!! Thankfully, when they saw how adorable she was they fell in love with her and as adults they have all become the best of friends!
Things I love about Rachel...let's see... She has always wanted to see everyone happy. She used to follow me around when I was sad or discouraged and say, "be happy Momma!" That has translated into her being such a good sister and friend to all. She rejoices with friends and family and worries for them too.
Rachel is an artist. She is going to study design and animation in college. Her big goal is to be a Disney animator some day. I believe she can do it!
Rachel plays the cello. She has always loved it and shares her talent when asked (althought she is not always thrilled about it!). She plans to continue studying it in college. I am very glad about that.
She is a good cook! Rachel makes the best cookies and refuses to use the mixer. She just does it by hand and they always turn out so well. She is also our head potato masher, enjoying it best when done by hand. I guess those creative types don't need any machinery to help them out!
Although I am not always thrilled to walk into her typical teen-aged bedroom, the one thing I don't mind seeing laying around is her Book of Mormon. I am so grateful she reads her scriptures. She is such a good person and cares about everyone.
Rachel is pretty laid back. She takes life as it comes and is always willing to compromise when things don't go as planned. To this end she does not yet drive a car! She really didn't care about it much when she turned 16. It didn't bug her at all, in fact, it scared her! Now she is ready to learn and we get to go through that together...gulp!
She sets her own style standards. She is not into keeping up with the latest fashions and not at all phoney! She has never been one to think she has to wear her hair a certain way or pile on the make-up to look like everyone else. She is who she is...genuine and real. We love her for that!
I could write about her all day long, I love her so much. It will be hard to send her off to Snow College in the fall. The house will not be the same without her (although her room my be a bit cleaner!!).


Edwin & Tamara said...

Wow already the big *18*


Helen Ellsworth said...

Marianne I am so glad I checked your blog this morning. You reminded me of Rachel's birthday. I have thought of her and Steven for two weeks, trying to make sure I don't miss them. Then what happens? The day I should think of it, I don't. Anyhow, Happy Birthday Rachel. I do love you a lot and your card and remembrance will be there in a few days. Now If I can just remember that Steven's is in two days. Grandpa was very thoughtful to leave us the day between the two Birthdays, so that neither of you have to remember something sad on your "Big Day:. It snowed most of the day yesterday, and then it quit. But it apparently started in the night and is still coming down hard. And Gena and I had big plans to go shopping today. I need a perm bad, my nails done and I have a Christmas gift card to use. Oh well maybe we'll brave it anyhow
Love you, Grandma

Steve said...

I still remember the first time I got to see Rachel at Mom and Dad's house. You arrived late at night and brought in the sweetest pink cheeked dark haired baby. She has always been such a fun girl and a great cousin to my kids (Allison and Emily were trying hard to remember to call her last night... I guess they slipped up). Good luck in the driving arena. I'm a little glad I have two to get all those hours in on. Maybe by the time they get their hours I'll have money for insurance! Not working this week but next... this week so far I only have Friday scheduled... call!

Gena said...

Bet you didn't know Steve has a google account? I tend to forget he's with g-mail, and he happened to be logged in... it was me! just in case you got confused.

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Rach!

Abbie said...

I can't believe she's 18. I swear Diana and I were just 18. Tell her Happy Birthday for me! (I wrote it on her Facebook, but just in case). Have a Happy Monday!!

URFAVE5 said...

Happy Happy Birthday Rachel. Man I wish that we lived closer and that Brilynn could get to know all these amazing girl cousins. I think it is great for her to have these strong wonderful girls as her examples of how to grow up and be. I hope that she can learn as the rest of you girls have that it's o.k. to be who you are. And that she will see how important it is to gain a strong firm foundation and testimony of the gospel. I hope Rachael had a great day!
We love you!