Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Christmas came early to our house! We had Diana & Nick here for Thanksgiving with our little grandson Lucas. We had some gifts for the boy that we wanted to give to him while he was here so we could see him open them. On the Sunday after Turkey day we got them out and had fun watching him tear them open.

 Yes, we were watching the National Dog Show at the time. Here you can see Lucas opening Pa's gift to him, a Chevron car. Dee always got one for Richard on Christmas and his birthday and we have quite a collection. It looks like the tradition is continuing.

 Louie loved his Mega Blocks school bus!

His Mom and Dad both saw this fabric come out of the package and said, "Wha--?"
 It's a little apron I made to match the one I made for Nick last year!
 Now he can help his Daddy grill steaks!

 Next up was a set of penguin bowling pins I crocheted. instead of crocheting the white tummies is used felt ovals. I used my embroidery machine and put numbers one through six on their tummies. Maybe they will be educational at some point? His Mom has reported to me that they like to set them up and plow them down with the Mega Blocks school bus!

Did I get a photo of the bowing pins before I gave them away? No! I pulled a couple off of the Internet from the person who wrote the pattern though.
Cute aren't they?!

Here's my little chef wearing his apron to help his Gramma cook dinner. Adorable, I know!
While I am looking at this fuzzy photo let me tell you that one of my dreams is to own a really nice camera so I don't have all of the blurry iPhone pics.
One of these days...

One of the fun gifts Lucas got was a Sesame Street iPhone. In recent weeks he has had fun picking up any small object and pretending it is a phone. He has little conversations with whoever is on the other end. So precious! Here's a little video of him doing just that.


Coach Dee said...

Great pictures and memories. Thank you for sharing. I love you!

URFAVE5 said...

So darn cute!!!! I love Lucas' sweet face. He looks so cute and his facial expressions look like he is loving opening and playing with all these gifts but he looks like he's trying to figure out it all out. I love little ones sweet faces as they are learning. Im glad you guys got to enjoy him and his parents too:)

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

what a wonderful "early" Christmas celebration. He is at such a fun age...I bet he loved every minute of opening all those exciting boxes. love the apron...he looks darling walking around in it carrying that spoon. :)
hope you all had a wonderful holiday and many 2014 bring much happiness to you all.

Diana said...

Your pics are blurry because Lucas is in them and he doesn't sit still! Ever! I am soooo tired. :) Great memories.

Nancy Face said...

I love the apron on him! And those bowling pins are super cute!

Anonymous said...

Lucas is a darling little boy. How fun you could have him with you for the holidays (and, of course, the other kids too but I know from experience that grandkids RULE!!) I love the apron and the bowling pins. Probably in about 100 years or so someone (a future great grandchild) will find one (or more) of the bowling pins in a trunk somewhere and wonder about the story behind them. They will call them "vintage" and they will then be placed prominently in someone's home. Just a thought.....

Happy New Year to all you Loose people!