Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let's Wrap Up December!

We were blessed to have Diana & Lucas stay on an extra week or so after Nick went back to San Diego. 

The week dawned with fresh snow on the mountains. (Actually, this is a sunset!)

 There was plenty of napping too. It would appear that Roxie fell asleep mid-text!

 Gram pulled out all of her old tricks such as Rachel and Richard's ton of Duplos...

...building blanket forts...

 ...bath time and jumping/lotion afterward...

...and pulling out the mini flashlight when the boy got fussy.

Roxie took care of the tickling department!

 One evening we all piled into the van and drove south to Provo for the annual BYU Athletic Dept. Christmas party. It is held in the Cougar Club room under Edwards Stadium. Diana wanted a shot of Lucas in front of Heisman Trophy winner, Ty Detmer's wall. Very cool! We sent this one to his Daddy who was Cougar Blue with envy!

The party is always fun with plenty of good food.
As usual, my girlies did not appreciate my photo taking...
 ...until I cried! (No, I just looked really sad!)

 There was plenty of passing the boy around...

 ... and coloring in the kid's area where Lucas charmed rather large athletes.

 Coach & I complied with the request for a photo the FIRST time!

Then Louie finished up the bread sticks!
 We had SO much fun during those days but all good things must come to an end, so they say.
I took this photo a few days later at the airport with a lump in my throat
and tears all of the way home.

Once at home I found evidence in one of my fake apples that Lucas had been there . 
A little love note!

A few days later we were excited to get this photo of our California gang!
Nick loves Santa! Lucas is not so sure!

I caught this wintry shot one morning of the Little House on the Corner.
 Too bad it was garbage day!

Dr. Sarah arrived mid-month and we settled into a cozy, fire-building, movie-watching norm.
Oh, and the "Mom! Stop taking pictures policy was still in force! 

Roxie took every opportunity to find warmth. Notice her fleece vest matches Rachel's shirt? 
How clever of her!

We went out to Thanksgiving Point and attended Holiday Lights with Britt. It was one of her last events at this job. She was moving on the BIGGER things!

One night we went to Salt Lake City and enjoyed the lights on Temple Square. 
SO beautiful and peaceful there!
Say "cheese"!

"One was enough Mom. Knock it off!"

 I always love the floating tea lights in front of the temple.
Can you call them TEA lights if they are on Temple Square?
 Such a beautiful backdrop for the Holy Family!

And there were Shepherds abiding in a field of snow, wondering what they were doing there.

Santa came and filled the stockings!

We love him forever because he left us Nutella and Chocolate-dipped Peeps!!
 Oh, and a game to dance away those calories!

There were lots of long winter's naps still to be had...
 ...yeah, I got the message.

 This is me taking a nap. well actually it is my feet under a quilt and pillow, taking a nap!
 This is my most awesome and biggest word score ever
 in "Words With Friends" before I fell asleep!

I baked gingerbread men after Christmas because I just couldn't get around to it before!~ I love my Mom's old gingerbread man cutter! Takes me right back to my little girl days, standing on a chair, helping my Mom with her apron tied up around my chest.


 There were more naps and mucho book reading! This man can fall asleep anywhere!

 We got a fun new game called "Pictionary Man".

 You have to draw the word right on the little guy. It was funny, loud,
 and sometimes a bit irreverent...ahem!

 Diana sent us this darling photo of herself and Lucas in South Carolina at Nick's parents' home. 
Makes my heart want to burst with love! After all, isn't that what Christmas is all about?
Let's not mention that he is munching on the baby Jesus in his manger!

 Sending love to all of you who make me smile and hope you have a wonderful New Year!


URFAVE5 said...

Oh it looks like a wonderful holiday season, but it's true all good things must come to an end! Now it's back to real life. I loved all your cute pictures! Everyone looks so good. It makes me miss you all so much!

Lots of Love,

Nancy Face said...

I love the sunset on the mountain! And napping Roxie, haha! And the chewed up fake apple! And gorgeous Temple Square!