Sunday, December 15, 2013

Toronto Part 4: The Street Where She Lives

I know I promised you a Thanksgiving post, but I can't find the cord that I use to put the photos from our camera to our computer, and the adapter for the memory stick is broken. So...while I continue to tear my house apart looking for it you are stuck with more pictures from Toronto because they all came from my iPhone.

Sarah lives in the most beautiful neighborhood! She laughs and tells me that she could never afford to live above ground on her street! Her first year in Toronto she lived in an old, old Victorian house (built during Queen Victoria's reign, I'm sure!)

Pretty isn't it? Sarah took this one that first winter she was there. It was literally just across the street from campus and very convenient that way, but a bit noisy to be right there among a lot of students.

She made some good friends there, one in particular who was in her LDS ward, whom she actively looked for a new place to live with the next year. They were very fortunate to find a basement apartment in a neighborhood I won't name because I want to respect her privacy, but the Internet describes it as a place where some of Toronto's most exclusive old homes are located. "It is an affluent neighborhood is built among three ravines, preserved as parkland. It has convoluted routes through the neighborhood and other physical boundaries, and thus has low levels of vehicular traffic. Even though it is located in the middle of Toronto, virtually no vehicular traffic can be heard due to the abundance of trees and foliage that surround the community." They have loved living there. Sarah now has a new roommate who she co-teaches seminary with and they enjoy a lovely, large apartment that is quiet and fits their studious natures! (wink to Sarah who is SO glad to be out of school!)  I was astounded by the beautiful old homes, all of the brickwork, the charm of having every home unique, the iron gates, and picket fences. She has really been blessed and will miss it when she leaves.

I tried not to look like a tourist, gaping open-mouthed and taking photos every time we went out so most of my photos were taken from the car. Next time I will be a tourist (if I get to go back...ever!) and take pictures from foot because they would be better than what I have.

On our first stroll down her street she sadly pointed out that I missed the glorious fall leaves on the trees by only a few days. That would have been beautiful! One thing I did notice about the leaves was the way they are disposed of. I don't know if anywhere in the states does this, but I think it is a great idea! I am all about re-cycling anyway and this would save us about a dozen or more plastic bags of leaves every year!

Sarah Explained that the residents can buy the heavy paper leaf bags at different local stores. They fill them up and leave them for the city to collect and re-cycle into mulch. My leaves get put into plastic and sent to a land fill. SAD. Notice the brick pillars with lights on top? Nearly every home has these with their front gate. It was very old-world feeling. That  is what was different about this place that I couldn't put my finger on at first. Each front yard was fenced and private. I loved it!

This one was a favorite of mine. I love the square turret.

 This one stood out to me because it wasn't red brick. It has a Tudor half-timber treatment. Love the picket fence too!

Another picket fence, and can you see the bay window on the second floor?

I liked this house because it has a 3-story bay window that kind of mimics a turret. Cool!

Here is a home that shows the grand gate and iron fencing I fell in love with. Notice it has a rounded front/side porch and three very different looking front windows on each floor. Every house was so unique!

Love the wood work on this front porch. Also, note the brick driveway. Sarah's driveway was like this too. Very bumpy pulling a heavy suitcase over!

Look at this beauty! I so love the windows of all types.

 We walked around the corner and up another street one day so she could show me the lovely park and the end of the neighborhood. It's an off leash dog-friendly park as many parks in the city are. She loves to go there and read on warm summer days. I would never leave!
 Here is the gate to the park or "garden" as it is called.

I stole this one from the Internet. Obviously a greener day than when I was there. 
Yeah, I'll be moving in.I
I really wish I had been able to visit sooner than her graduation. I really want to go back someday and take more time to explore, or just gawk and these gorgeous old houses!


Sarah Faria said...

I love all of your Toronto pictures! What a fun trip and what a quaint looking neighborhood!!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

What a beautiful place to live! I would love to walk downs those streets of Victorian homes. So FUN!

Nancy Face said...

Wow, this is my kind of post! I love the beautiful architecture so much!

Merry Christmas!