Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Toronto Part 3: Old and New & Some Distilled Spirits

One day while visiting Sarah she conjured up a wonderful tour. We walked, rode the subway, took a trolley, and eventually bussed back to the subway station. She showed me some fascinating areas of Toronto.  We were on a bus through the Financial District which was modern and beautiful. She showed me where the Toronto International Film Festival is held. We walked through Chinatown and had a Vietnamese Sub sandwich for lunch. I have no idea what was on it other than shredded veggies and cilantro, meaning there was a mystery meat and spread of some sort, but it was really good! I saw, in no particular order Little Italy, the Ontario Provincial Parliament building, the Fashion District (which did not resemble Los Angeles' fashion district at all...imagine that?!) WE walked through this funny little artists' district where there were brightly colored storefronts and art everywhere. Picture New-Age Hippies. There was even an old car with a garden growing in it (pumpkins coming out of the trunk).
My favorite stop that day was at the Distillery District. As the name implies, this is where a lot of whiskey was made back in the day, meaning as early as the 1830's. The architecture has been left in tact. All of the beautiful red brick buildings and streets are still there. Intermingled with this collection of wonderful old industrial buildings are some fascinating new structures that I thought were quite nice as well. I enjoyed how the old and the new were mixed.

We hopped off the bus and were greeted by this awesome wedge-shaped building of condos.
 "I dibs the corner room!"
 It's called the Pure Spirits Condominiums building. I would love to live in this area!

 Antique equipment placed artistically here and there add to the feel of the place.

Modern art is scattered about as well. Not sure what this is but it is interesting!

 Gooderham and Worts  was the original distillery.

They were setting up for Christmas the day we were there!

 The clock! I love the clock!

 Everywhere you turn there are fun little details like this 2 foot tall Leprechaun door, which was likely a coal shute or some such thing. I want one!

More modern art. I think this is an interpretation of an old "whiskey still".

 Old and new.

 We went into a little mall-type building. Equipment from the whiskey days was displayed.
 Big kettle...and look at those wrenches behind Sarah!

 Hanging lights and chalk board signs...charm at every turn.

Back to the spidery-guy. The workers were installing either a Christmas manger or a Santa house. I cannot remember which!

  This door! I die!!

 I wish we'd had the time to go into each little shop and antique store!

 Setting up an outdoor Christmas Market. I'd love to go back during the holidays!

 The area is next to Toronto Harbor on Lake Ontario. This is a nod to the seafaring history of the place as well. After you make all of that whiskey you've got to ship it off!
 Here we are...freezing but having so much fun!

It was a great day with my girl, the new doctor, topped off by an amazing meal at a Greek restaraunt. Oh, the meat!!

I know Thanksgiving has happened since I started these Toronto posts. I'll fill you in on that next time. Believe it or not, I have a lot more to show you of my trip...if you can stand it!


URFAVE5 said...

I can't wait to see more and hear more about your trip. It looks so fun! I'd love to see there!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

it looks like you had such a fun trip. Great pictures.