Monday, October 21, 2013

Throw Open the Windows! (and wash them!)

Autumn has arrived in Utah Valley. It has been so gloriously beautiful for the last week. Perfect weather for that fall yard work, which we have done plenty of. The rain finally stopped early last week and I got to a task I've been putting off...washing my kitchen windows. Notice I did not say "washing all of the windows in the Little House"! My kitchen window is the one I look through the most often every day and it was covered with a winter, spring, and summer's worth of  dust and rain splatters. My view on the world was pretty dim. As I told about in this post, washing these windows is no quick task. 1990's version of triple pane energy efficient windows is a pain in the behind to keep clean! After yanking the blinds from their mounts (those things are heavy!) I lifted out the two "storm sliders" or the third pane from their tracks and set them aside. I then took the outer window from its track and got to work.

I was struck with how beautiful the outside world was that day! The sky was a crisp blue, Mount Timpanogos was a stark contrast with her snowy peaks, and our maple trees were beginning to turn their fall yellow/orange. On the foothills the scrub oaks were a beautiful red and there were big fluffy clouds floating by.

Like a ridiculous person, I ran and grabbed my camera and hung out of my kitchen window. (I wonder if I could convince the Davis family to move their house over a bit...)

The whole scene made my task much more pleasant. Years ago one of the two screens broke so there is only one screen in the corner set of windows. I moved it from the east side to the south window so I could see that view unobstructed after I was done.

I enjoyed the sunshine pouring in all afternoon and dreaded the thought of putting those blinds back up: which, by the way, I spent a good amount of time bent over the tub upstairs scrubbing clean after the windows were done! The blinds grudgingly went back up long after dark.

All afternoon I found myself singing an old Primary tune in my head.

 I think the world is glorious
and lovely as can be.
The birds and bees and blossoms
bring sweet messages to me."

I sing, and sing, and sing, and sing,
a song of joy and love.
I sing, and sing, and sing, and sing, 
My thanks to God above.
 Yes, that about sums it up! God is great and has blessed us with this beautiful world. Happy autumn!

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Nancy Face said...

The view is so beautiful! As you well know, Mesa doesn't get much fall color until January, ha!

I loved that song as a child, and still do! Nobody around here ever seems to teach it to the Primary children anymore, so when I was Primary Chorister, I taught it to them! They had fun singing extra loud on the chorus!