Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Over, Bring on Thanksgiving!

I have never been so excited for a Thanksgiving in the Little House! Nick, Diana, and our Little Lucas are coming!! It's going to be a busy month. I feel the need to get the house ready for an irrepressible, perpetually moving/exploring little one year old! There is a lot to move and secure. Under the kitchen sink is a veritable poison stronghold! We are going to pull out some of Richard's old toys (yes, I still have them, don't mock!) and clean them up as well.

I between then and now I have a trip coming up myself. It's one that took me by surprise and I am so excited for it! I am going to Toronto to be with Dr. Sarah when she receives her Doctoral degree!! She has gone to school up there for 6 long years and we have never been able to go see her there. We found out just two weeks ago that everything checked out with her dissertation to put her in the November convocation. Many prayers were said for the funding to appear so that at least one of us could be there with her. It is really unbelievable how prayers are answered. I have my airline ticket ad am waiting anxiously for my passport to arrive. You pay through the nose for a rush order so they had better get it to me! I'll be gone for a week and be home on the 20th. Just in time to get Thanksgiving ready!

Halloween was her usual fun night with the help of my amazing kids. I am not much of a costume, decorate the outside of the house kind of gal. They do it every year and it is a lot of fun to see the end result. Nothing too fancy, but we got lots of compliments! Spooky music and blinking ghost light, spider webs and a growing skull in the candy bowl that some cute kid tries to take as a treat every year. Here's some of what went on this week:

We spent an evening at Cornbelly's. Lots of fun and only a little bit cold, maybe in the 40's.

Britt and Richard decided to climb the rock wall. Richard looks all spidery here!

B reached the top first ( her side was easier!)

Richard reaches the top!

  My two youngest went on a terrifying monster truck ride!
 Next came Dee and I. He's a scary driver!
 He made it all better with a smooch though!
We have to throw these in to gross-out the kids, you know!

Then we were off to watch the darling pig races! This is a favorite of mine. But that darn Dusty asked the crowd who had the prettiest Mom there. Rachel made the most noise and I got the prize for my beauty...I got to kiss a piglet!
It was a side/European type kiss so Little Piggy kissed me too!
Then later Dee kissed me in the same place. When I pointed it out I thought he might die! Picture Lucy in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" after Snoopy kissed her!

My girlies at home were very creative this year. Britt was Fiona from Adventure Time! Rachel hand made her Steam punk outfit from the aviator cap all bedazzled with gears, to her blouse and skirt. She did this in two days and it is really a fine job of sewing! Take it from one who sits behind a sewing machine nearly every day, she is amazing!
 They had a hard time getting baby brother to dress up. He's just a bit too cool for that. They wanted to go out to "Slurp" a local Shaved Ice and beverage joint and wouldn't let him come unless he joined them in their costume fun. He came downstairs with his Dad's rabbit fur hat from Moscow and a grim look on his face. Perfect!

Here we are behind Slurp where you park. Don't they look like little Trick-or-Treaters?

Slurp is one of the many businesses that has sprung up in the old houses on Main St. I love that these places are being preserved and that we get to go inside and enjoy their craftsmanship. Look at this lovely window!

I did my part inside of the Little House on the Corner. I love the older "vintage" style of pumpkins and black cats. I'm starting to collect them a bit at a time.

Love my Disney candle holders from or trip in 2006!
This cute scarecrow has been around for a long time. She was a gift from my mother-in-law!

Brittany made the jumbo candy corns. They are so cute!
Rachel was responsible for the spider attacking my cute little birdie!

So, now it's over, clean-up has begun...on to LUCAS!!!!!
 Hide the pens Gramma!

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Nancy Face said...

Oh, such cute decorations! I especially like the "Eat Drink and Be Scary" sign!

Lauren and Ted are coming with Baby Zoey for Thanksgiving! So BOTH you and I will be in our super happy Grandma mode! Hooray!