Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Love Lucy...and Eloise!

Look who I got to meet today!

Eloise & Lucy!
Two years ago a lovely young lady married a handsome young man. The young lady happened to be my Diana's best friend ever, Whitney. I wrote this post about it.

I called it "Our Little Girls Grew Up". Well, they have grown up even more. On April 6, 2010 Whitney became a mother! But in true Whitney style it was not done in the usual way! I suppose if you are going to have a little girl you might as well give her a built-in best friend!

*This is Lucy*

*This is Eloise*
Diana got to feed Eloise. I got to feed Lucy. These little angels are slo-o-o-w drinkers!

After 30 minutes Diana stopped to burp Eloise and was rewarded with a hearty sound as that bubble came up! After 40 minutes I tried to burp Lucy...no luck. She wanted to go back to sleep and did so quite well, thank you! All they want to do is sleep which is understandable since they were not due until April 21st!
They have plenty of growing to do and that takes plenty of rest! Look at this gorgeous new mother just 2 weeks post C-section! Is this the same girl who used to dress up with Diana and do all manner crazy girl-stuff?

Whitney, you are beautiful. I hope you got that nap after we left!


Lori said...

Oh those two baby girls are darling and so are the older baby girls.

Anonymous said...

Adorable...such cute little baby girls. I think nothing could be more fun than to have twins, especially after they are about 3 years old. I always hoped we would have twin grandbabies, unfortunately that didn't happen but I'm always so thrilled for others who get twins. Good Luck to Whitney...it looks like she's got some great babysitters whenever she needs them!