Saturday, April 24, 2010

Graduation Day 2010 ~ Brigham Young University

It was a gray and rainy day outside of the Marriott Center in Provo, Utah.

Fresh snow had fallen on 'Y' Mountain the night before.

Inside, many important people in fancy robes appeared on the rostrum.

Many important people appeared in the arena. These are some of the most important to me!
Dee, Brittany, & Sarah stand as the graduates enter.

The seats on the floor begin to fill with the graduates.

After speeches and song, Diana received her diploma and then smiled for her Dad!
She graduated from the College of Humanities with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities.


After the ceremony we went outside to get a "sister photo" because Brittany had to go to work.
You see, this day was a "Double Header" or a 2-fer! Nick's college was next!


Let us observe my three eldest daughters. L-R Sarah 5' 8", Diana 5' 5", & Brittany 5' 2".
I suspect footwear had something to do with this optical illusion!

Ah hah!


After Nick graduated from the College of Family, Home, & Social Sciences
with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree the families gathered for a few photos.
Mercifully, the rain had let up!



Sarah (home for a 2 week visit from Toronto!), Dee, Nick, Diana, and me!
Gone were Britt, Rachel at college, & Richard at school.

The Mowes family. Tammi, Nick, Diana, Hanna, & Mike.
Absent were Brandon and Cameron.

V.I.P. guests were Grandpa and Grandma Huffman, Nick's grandparents!

My darling girl! I am so proud of her!

Mr. & Mrs. College Graduate are SO glad it's over!

Speaking of "glad it's over"...stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day for your family! I love all the pictures. Rain or shine...BYU Graduation Days are just some of the MOST beautiful days of a lifetime, and when it's your children who are graduating, the beautiful-ness of the day is bumped up a couple of notches. Congratulations to Diana and Nick, how fun for them to graduate together... and Congratulations to the Moms and Dads too.

URFAVE5 said...

That is so awesome! I am so proud of them both! What a day to remember!

Edwin & Tamara said...

Congrats to the grads

P.S. Love the shoes :)