Monday, April 19, 2010


Is anyone out there old enought to remember Sherman and Mr. Peabody? I loved watching the intellectual red headed kid Sherman and the professor/scientist dog Mr. Peabody walk into the "Way Back Machine" every Sunday afternoon and take a trip through time. They usually re-wrote history with their wacky antics and always had a goofy punch line at the end.

I would like to walk into a "Way Back Machine" of my own.
I had Memory Mondays for awhile and I need to get busy with that again. I need more time to write as well as remember things to write! Therefore, I introduce Time Travel Tuesdays.
They will simply be a photo out of my past and memories connected to it. Commentary on weird 80's hairstyles and trends of the day may be included. Feel free to make your own comments but if I ever show my my bi-level from 1988 you must promise to be kind!

Today we travel back in time to April 1985. Here we see Miss Brittany Loose in a rather creative pose! She was very thirsty but didn't want any help. In true Brittany form she took it upon herself to find her own way!

Let us take a moment to observe her late 80's style disposable diaper. Elastic on the legs was new and very welcome! We did not have the trim fit yet and no super absorbency! You had to change those things right away, but it was ever so much nicer than cloth!
Now, look at the kitchen. A bit stark, a married college student's paradise.White marble-y laminate counters, and a faucet with actual hot and cold handles.
The colors of the day were neutral beige and earth tones as you can see by my ca. 1979 Sunbeam blender, the natural wicker tool holder and the raw wooden tools, as well as the plastic drink cups. The baby bottle shows that we were still using the old style Gerber bottles but had nifty colors like pink, blue, and yellow! We can also see a hint of color in the sink. That's my hot orange batter bowl. I still have it's bigger mate in a bright sunshine yellow!
There's a lot of plastic in this picture!


Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said... think you actually had to use cloth diapers...i wonder what will be the new and improved diaper when my baby is in her 20's...

Lori said...

Don't laugh, but I still have my gold tone blender . . . and it works!!

Lori said...

And I loved that cartoon . . . I use to wish my dog could talk and I even made a time machine out of a old refrigerator box that I would sit hours in - pretending that I was anywhere, but in my backyard.

URFAVE5 said...

I remember those colors. They were way popular. Isn't it funny how a variation of those colors are back in style. Funny how things come in and out of style. I would love to see your bi-level hair cut. I remember my mom had one.