Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Little Girls Grew Up!

Kindred Spirits, bosom friends, Whitney and Diana! Ever since they were the new girls in school in 8th grade and they were assigned lockers close together they have been inseperable! Your house is mine, my house is yours, your fridge is mine, my food is yours, you giggle & I'll giggle louder! Many parties, games of dress-up, and sleep-overs later they graduated from high school and went off to live in the dorms at BYU together! Roommates for life...until they met Nick and Chris that is! Diana and Nick began "rooming together" in Novemeber and today saw Chris and Whitney married as well! Hard to believe, but we are so proud of them both!


URFAVE5 said...

Aunt Marianne-It is so nice to read your blogs! I love seeing your family and the way they are all growing up. We are really looking forward to getting to see at least some of you at Brents wedding next month. We love and miss you all very much! Take care and keep on blogging!
Love, JoLynn

Edwin & Tamara said...


Bryan & Lynz said...

Hey there! Logn time!!! Your blog is so cool to read and catch up on with everyone. Your family is so cute and as you can tell by my blog we are trying to figure bloggin out still.

Love, Lyndsey