Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good Things!

I am impressed with some of the guesses in my "Pancake Character" contest. I will announce the amazing winner/winners on Monday. What do you win? My admiration and congratulations...and maybe I'll mail you the moldy pancake! (just kidding!)

On to other fun things...Good Things!

Rachel and I went with Brittany up to ABC4/CW30 headquarters on Wednesday morning to watch a broadcast of a local live TV show, Good Things Utah. It's a really popular show around here and Britt has been an intern with them this semester. It was fun to watch live TV in action and see how they pull everything together. Here are a few photos from our morning.

Britt let us back before the rest of the audience. It was quiet and kind of eerie!

This is the second shot I took of Rachel and I. She was coming down with a sinus infection and didn't feel good. She hates cameras anyway but after the first shot I made her behave!

This is the first shot!!

Pretty soon the set was busy with preparations for the show. This is George, one of the producers. Brittany loves him! The lady from Albertson's made a veggie vinagrete salad.

Intern Brittany doing her thing...and telling me she will break my camera if I take anymore photos of her! Look at her cute shoes!

After the show began we could only take photos during commercial breaks. Here the ladies get ready for their next segment while Marty is outside with Joy Bossy, "Joy in the Garden".

Brittany gets to clean up after the show is over. Lucky girl!

After the show the audience gets to meet the ladies. Our family has known Nicea's family forever so she explained to the rest of the group..."Brittany's Dad and my brother were roommates in college. Dee was my high school swim coach in Orem." Then I reminded her that her father Ivan and my father-in-law Bob were college roommates as well and played football at BYU together. It's a long story!
The ladies are L-R Nicea DeGehring, Angie Larsen, Marty Skold, & Reagan Ledbetter. They are all so nice and SO darling! (I need more make-up if I am going to be under those lights!)

The ABC4 News desk faces the Good Things set.

The ABC4 Weather Center

Sports Zone set...Ooo, aah!

On to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum...

Isn't this an interesting piece?

Rachel's shoes are right inside the entrance.

A re-interpretation of a famous "Goya" painting...I laughed!

"What I Did For Summer Vacation". I love this piece!

Britt playing with the moveable hand.

I adore this ballerina!

Brittany signing the guestbook.

Leaving the museum we saw this giant clock.


Anonymous said...

I watch GTU very often, sooo much better than The View!! I don't think I saw it this day, however, because I don't recognize the girls outfits and I always notice what they are wearing. I've often wondered who had to do the clean up after those cooking segments, I'm sorry it's Britney but it still looks like a very fun job. I recently got a fabulous recipe from the show, it's a fruit salsa with cinnamon/sugar tortilla chips, Brent says it's like eating "candy", everybody really liked thanks GTU. Looks like you all had a really good time.

Anonymous said...

Brittany, I hate it when I spell someone's name wrong...please forgive me!!

Helen Ellsworth said...

I enjoyed the slide show of your trip to the "Good things Utah" set. I'll bet you had a good time. I enjoy watching that show when I visit you. Mom

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

ooh looks like so much fun!

Lauren said...

How fun! I love that Brittany is an intern...what an amazing experience.

Edwin & Tamara said...

My goodness looks like you all had a very exciting day, Looks like a whole lot of fun too.

URFAVE5 said...

That looks like it was so much fun! I'm sure sad that I don't live in Utah and that I don't get to watch GTU. I'm so happy that Brittany has got this awesome opportunity. Oh and you all look so cute!
I sure love and miss you all!