Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crazy, Busy Week!

First of all...did you see this guy in my pancake?

When I scraped that batter out and watched it form my favorite bear I had to smile and share it with you! I saw it right away so I am not surprised so many of you did too! Your prize is my admiration and congratulations!

Next: One holiday, two birthdays (one on the holiday), and a graduation all in one week!

Memorial Day...We always go to the Orem City Cemetery to put flowers on Dee's grandparents graves. Ma & Pa, as they were called, were so fun and amazing! I miss them very much and wish my children could have known them. Only Sarah has some vague memories of Ma. Pa was a WWI Veteran so the trip alway includes a visit to the Memorial flags and crosses representing all of the Veterans from Orem who have lived and died there.

As you can see, my husband was named after this wonderful man!

This is always a stirring sight!

Next we went up Provo Canyon to enjoy our Subway Subs at the foot of Bridal Veil Falls.

Here we are being our silly selves eating lunch on an old pier from the tram that used to take people to the top of the falls. Yeah, it's a great picture isn't it??
Diana apparently loves her mommy. I was being tolerant of my husband and the camera.

This shot proves I am not angelically sweet every moment of the day!
I 'd had it with photos of me and my mouthful of Sun Chips!
Here's our birthday girl Brittany cooling her tootsies in melted snow water at the bottom of the falls! She could only put one foot in at a time so as not to freeze to death! Don't you love her cute outfit? More on that later! (Richard borrowed his Dad's infamous straw hat...the sun was hot!)

Diana or the view...which is more glorious?
Oh...and about Brittany's outfit...
I love the little jumper/top.
Love the leggings!
But...being the naughty little girl she has always been
she can't help but embarrass her Dad,
Mr. Straight Laced Twice-a-Bishop Daddy Dee...!
I am sure Pa & Ma were laughing!

Someone put her through the Spanking Machine!

Later that night we grilled burgers and had yummy chocolate cake thanks to Britt getting a year older!! Diet Coke in one hand, favorite doggie in the other...she blew out those candles with true swimmer lungs!

What's up next?
Tomorrow is Diana's birthday and Rachel's graduation practice at the Marriott Center in Provo.
Thursday is our last day of school...hooray!
Friday morning, bright and early Rachel graduates from High school!

Then can I rest?


Gena said...

I absolutely adored Ma and Pa. They were wonderful! I think they are both very happy with their beautiful family visiting them. I wish we had been there to have fun with you on Memorial Day. And I'm glad to know that Michael has a job... a good thing I heard it from you 'cause I sure haven't heard it from him!

Marianne said...

That Toadie! I will tell him to call his momma this very night!

URFAVE5 said...

Wow you do have a crazy busy week. You gotta just love the end of the school year madness and fun. What's even better is that you get to throw all these fabulous birthdays in there! Happy Birthday to Brittany and Diana. I love and admire these girls. They are just darling girls!!! Have a great rest of the week!
We love you all,
P.S. I love Britt's outfit and Dee's face:) Priceless!

Abbie said...

Ah, I'm so sad I got the pancake wrong. You're Memorial Day looks amazing! My great-grandparents are buried in that same cemetery, I think its probably the most beautiful I've ever seen.

Lauren said...

I love that she is exposing her.....LEGGINGS! haha! So funny!

What a fun family day! And ending with a birthday part! So cute!

Edwin & Tamara said...

My goodness you had a very eventful day, love the waterfall

Helen Ellsworth said...

We had a nice Memorial Day too but not as nice as yours.
we went to one of the Ward's really nice picnic areas in the back. Really nice with all that an area like that will have. Shade trees an endless lawn and a really nice cabanna to eat under. It was cut short. We had just finished eating and was ready to start the games when a huge wind came roaring through and the rain was right behind. We just had time to rush to the cars.. So it wasn't near as fun as yours. We wish we could have been with you.
Love Mom