Thursday, May 21, 2009

Odd Little Bits of Life

From the last few weeks...
Sam enjoying the best of both worlds!

Rachel's table at Laurel's Night. It represents a bit of who she is and what she loves! She made the quilt out of her favorite old T-shirts.

The two young men in my life in their "usual" late afternoon spots. Why so serious Michael?!
P.S. He got a part-time job today where he can set his own hours...fabulous!

I am not sure who made her Queen, but Miss Pear is looking mighty snazzy!

Exhausted but comfy!

Sam inherited an Anne Geddes baby from the lost & found at the Fitness Center. He is in love! Not kidding!

And Finally...
This pancake came from what I scraped from the bottom of the bowl. I was astounded! Bonus points if you can tell me who it is!!


Abbie said...

I love the random photos! I just might have to do that too. And my guess is Olive Oil!

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures about your life and the lives of those you love. I'm stumped about the pancake but I'll make a guess...maybe it's the color but I'll say Winnie the Pooh.

URFAVE5 said...

I love the cute pictueres of life happenings at the Loose Home. My guess is maybe Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse, hmmm don't know. I'm excited to hear the answer.
Love and Miss You All,

Marianne said...

Excellent guesses all of you! I'll give out the answer in a day or two!

URFAVE5 said...

I read your comment on my blog about Rachel graduating next Friday and then all of your girlies are are graduated. That is so sad! I didn't realize that Rachel was a Senior this year. I thought she was a Junior. Boy time really does fly by doesn't it!

Edwin & Tamara said...

I think you pancake looks like olive oil and thats cause of the point on the pancake :) small like nose

Cute pictures Sam always looks so happy :)

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

i know you already found a winner, but i just had to tell you that i see pooh bear's profile when i look at that.