Sunday, December 7, 2008

Please Pray for Papa!

On Saturday afternoon my father-in-law, Bob Loose suffered a massive heart attack. He is in Tacoma General Hospital and will undergo a quadrupal bypass Monday morning at 8:00 AM Pacific time. We would appreciate all of your prayers and good thoughts directed his way. He has had some complications that kept him from surgery today. His heart was swelling and it has apparently gone down some now. One of the arteries is completely blocked. The doctors told him that if not for the fact that he had the abnormality of an "extra" vein on his heart that kept some blood flow going he would have been dead.

He is one of the sweetest, most positive minded men I have ever known and we are not ready to part with him yet. We know God has a plan for all of us and we have faith that Papa's life is not over yet. Thanks for listening and for any prayers you may say for him and his family!

Colleen, Rob, Felicia, Bob, Alicia, & Dee. May 1997

Colleen, Granni, Papa, & Dee. Seattle Temple August 2006. Bob and Felicia's 50th Anniversary.


Anonymous said...

Marianne, I'm so sorry to hear about you father-in-law, honestly, this getting older stuff just sucks (Brent's word). I will be thinking about him today and hoping that his surgery goes well. My daughter is a therapist in the cardiac unit at our hospital here and she see's miracles of the heart everyday, I hope Dee's dad gets one and that he makes a full recovery.

Gena said...

You know we have WarBob in our thoughts and prayers. I was bummed that the temples are closed today! I keep looking at the clock and wondering how long surgeries like this take and if he's all right. Give yourself and your family, especially Dee, a big hug and know that there are people in CO thinking of him.

ps. I had a hard time getting the computer to pull up the comment screen for some reason... I wanted to let you know I love the lights and wish I had a few elves around here!