Monday, December 8, 2008

Prayers Answered

Bob came through surgery just fine! We are all so relieved and feel very grateful for answered prayers. Now he faces that long recovery process and if you feel so inclined, please continue to think of him and pray. We love you all!


URFAVE5 said...

I'm so glad to hear that he is doing better. We will keep praying for him!

Anonymous said...

Great News!! I'm so happy to hear about Dee's dad and that his surgery went well. They will have him up and walking around in no time, they sure don't coddle those heart surgery patients. I have to tell you a funny story...I mentioned that Kori is a therapist in cardiac rehad at our hospital. The other day she went in to see a patient, he was grumpy, he wanted to know if she was there to get blood, she assured him she wasn't. He said, "well what do you want then?" She said, "I'm here to get you up and moving so you can feel better and go home." He sat up in bed and screamed at her..."G O T O H E L L!!" Needless to say, he for sure didn't get any coddling that day!!
Please ask Dee's dad to be nice to the therapists, they are just there to help!! Anyway, I'm so happy for all of you to get the wonderful blessing of his recovery at this Christmas season.

Edwin & Tamara said...

Well even after surgery he still has a mind of his own that is a good thing
any way so glad to here all is going well for him

Norman and Sveta ( Норман и Света ) said...

Dee and Mary, Sveta and I just read the blog,and am sorry to here about Bob. We will add to what we are sure are a lot of prayers being said on his behalf. We hope and pray for a strong and quick recovery. We have never met the man, but if he and Dee are anything alike, the world will be a better place with him in it for a while longer.

Coach Dee said...

To one and all I want to express my appreciation to my wonderful wife for letting everyone know about my father's surgery and how he is doing. I also want to thank everyone for your prayers and best wishes for his return to health. We have my father at home tonight as he was released earlier on Friday. I am amazed at how well he is doing. We played Scrabble tonight and had a fun time. After the rousing and exciting game my father felt tired and we helped him up to his room for bed. He is resting comfortably and getting stronger every hour. I know that miracles happen because of all your prayers and the many tender mercies of our Heavenly Father and the Savior Jesus Christ. Thanks once again to everyone. I love you all.