Monday, December 15, 2008

Bits & Pieces

After that long, sleepless night I woke up to this...

The sun will come out tomorrow whether you're ready or not!

After he played, Richard joined us in the audience to wait for Rachel's group to begin. I looked over and saw my three blondies in a row. With Sarah living out of the country that doesn't happen very often! (Not a great photo and the girls will be mad at me...but it was a Mommy moment!)

Not able to get a good shot of Rachel I've included this video clip if you would like to listen.

This is the American Fork Symphony Orchestra playing a Christmas Medley. The sound quality is poor, kind of "tinny". They are really quite good. They won 2nd place at Lincoln Center in Manhatten at the "Orchestra Cup" last spring. Rachel is in the 2nd row of cellos on the inside if you are looking.

Sarah came home for Christmas on Wednesday! We are so glad she is with us!

My Sweetie came home from Washington. I am so glad he got to go be with his dad and help out but I am so happy he is home again! We all missed him so much.

Lastly, I FINALLY found a Christmas background I could live with that nobody else had. It's very red, isn't it?


Edwin & Tamara said...

EEEWWW sorry to hear about your long night,

Welcome home everybody, Hope you all Have a wonderful Merry Christmas together

Wonderful concert

Edwin & Tamara said...

OOOPPPS I forgot to tell you I really like your background.

URFAVE5 said...

Well I'm sure glad everyone made it back safe and sound. I'm sure your enjoying having everyone home and around.
It was a very nice concert! And I love your new background!


Kendall said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting that video of the concert. I've gone to my mom's christmas concert every year that she's been teaching and I was so sad to miss it this year. Thanks so much for letting me spend a little time with my mom and your talented daughter!!! Merry Christmas!

Gena said...

I feel so lame that I haven't been in the blogosphere for a few weeks! I'm pretty wiped out this morning so I felt a lot of empathy for your sleepless night (insert concerned look here). I loved seeing the concert pics (yeah, the girls will be thrilled with their photo) and Rachel sounded great! I had such a rush this morning hearing Alli's group (they sounded better than their concert, maybe because they were in a professional studio?) and I couldn't resist sharing it with you and Mom (sorry for the weird rushed phone call). I'm so thrilled you have Dee back and that Bob's doing well and that Sarah's home (yea!). Take good care of Mom for me (I miss her so much... I was tempted to ask Diana and Nick to abduct her and bring her back to CO today!). LOVE YOU TONS!!!