Saturday, December 20, 2008

Notes From the Inside...

Introducing a special guest writer who shall grace my pages from time to time with his insightful comments regarding life inside these walls...
Samwise Loose
(a.k.a. Sam)
Hello everyone! Today I intend to tell you of the weirdness of living with a bunch of girls!!! I have concluded that the ladies of this house need a kitten or a new baby doll because
of a terrible injustice inflicted upon me recently!! I am embarassed to show you but I feel the truth must be told to the outside world!
Yes, this is me. Do I LOOK like I am enjoying this?!!
They seem to have this need to make me look "cute" & "adorable".
I thought I already was!

I put up quite a fight. I was not about to take this lying down. I have sharp teeth but I know better than to use them on my family. My "Alpha Mommy" would not like that!

In the end, I usually lose. The girls are bigger than me and they have thumbs to help them hold onto me.

If any of you out there have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!


Abbie said...

Ah, poor Sam! Our dog Jasmine was just dressed up as well. She has bows all over her collar. Good thing our pets love us!!

Gena said...

Poor Samwise! He really doesn't look happy. Tell him he can take a break and visit cousin Charlie, who is currently wrapped up in a silky, cushy blanket on the couch. We'd make room for Sam!

Edwin & Tamara said...

Poor little Sam, though he looks like he dosen't mind all the attention that he is getting ")