Sunday, December 14, 2008

In the Middle of the Night...

Dee flew to Seattle on Thursday to help his mother when Bob was checked out of the hospital. Rob flew in from South Carolina and together they have helped him up and down the stairs, showering, and generally lifting his sprirts I am sure! He sends you all a little message in the comments two posts down from this one.

I do not sleep well when he is gone and usually read late into the night so Friday night I turned the light off on my bedside table at midnight.

1:27 AM ~my cell phone rings it's "you've got a text message" song and wakes me up! I think I am dreaming and roll over to find sleep again.

3:27 AM ~the bathroom door bangs open, the toilet lid crashes upwards and I hear the sound mothers worldwide dread in the middle of the night...barfing! Thinking it is Rachel I decide to give her a minute then go see what I can do to help.

3:28 AM ~"Mom...MOM!" It was my son. This sends chills through my being because he usually doesn't make it to the facilities in time.

3:28 and a half ~"Sorry about this Mom".

Really, it's OK. What are mothers for? I get him cleaned up and settled back in bed then turn my attention to the bathroom floor. Luckily for me (not my little rug) most of the mess can be thrown out with the rug. Pinesol and vomit at 3:30 AM...nice scent combo...!

3:45 AM ~ Just settling back into bed I notice my cell phone blinking at me. It WAS a text 1:27 AM! My husband was telling me he missed me and couldn't sleep! Awww, how sweet! I sit there trying to shake the Pinesol smell from my brain while endeavoring to imagine why he would send me a message in the night that would wake me up to tell me he couldn't sleep! (Because he loves me and misses me, I know, I KNOW!).

3:47 AM ~ I sit on my bed, cell phone in hand deliberating...should I hit the "send" button?.
Moments later, in a bedroom in Puyallup, WA a cell phone rings in a new text message. "Dear Dee, I miss you too. I also am not sleeping. Richard puked on the bathroom floor awhile ago. Hope you are sleeping now!" (I later learn that the man had turned off the phone after he sent me my wake-up call...rats!)

Unable to sleep again I turn on the TV and watch 2 episode of "Home Improvement". It does the trick! I fell asleep before I found out if Tim threw Al out of his rental house for being a difficult tennant. Darn! I never saw that episode the first I'll never know!

10:00 AM~I stumble down the stairs in a "lack of sleep" induced daze. I ask my son how he is feeling. "Oh! Just great Mom! Really! I came downstairs and ate a bowl of cereal and then had hot cocoa and toast before I remembered that I threw up last night!"

I am so glad for him...really.


Anonymous said...

Well for heaven's sake, what a night! Sounds a little like a bad movie...I especially liked the typo...vomint...has a special ring to it, I think it could catch on! Sorry about Dee being gone, sleeping alone, when you've been sleeping with someone for many years, is very difficult. I hope you won't be alone for long. Sorry about Richard but sounds like he had a quick recovery, just another one of the joys of youth. Good Luck, I hope tonight is better!

URFAVE5 said...

That sounded like a bad bad dream. You poor thing! I've had a few of those nights in my life. Man it is the worst when Brian is gone, so I feel your pain there! And when kids are sick at any age it's not good! Well I hope Dee get home safe and sound soon and I hope Richard stays feeling good!
Hope your night tonight is much much better!
Love ya, JoLynn

Marianne said...

There Nancy, I fixed the typo. Funny thing is, I ran spell check and it didn't catch "vomint"! I wonder if it is really a word!

Anonymous said...

Honestly Marianne, I didn't mean that as a criticism, I really like that word so much better than the commonly used one. Somehow it has a little nicer sound to it, don't you think? I think I will add it to my vocabulary.