Wednesday, October 15, 2014

World Record Part 2.1

I finally got the photos of of my iPhone from our scavenging day!

Here are the throngs of people registering for the event that morning.
This was early-on, a few hours before start-time.

 Here is an shot of the crowd gathering outside of the Utah Valley Convention Center.
 It only got larger from here.

This is a panoramic shot I took (which explains why it is in the margins of the blog!).
It shows people just getting ready for Mayor John Curtis to give us the start signal.

One of our first tasks was to buy a can of food to donate from Smith's grocery store. Sodalicious is just down the block a bit. We sampled a yummy new soda concoction and (Rachel says she named it...I don't know...)we suggested a name for it and Instgramed to picture as required. See Mayor Curtis' head behind us? We got bonus points for every giant Curtis head we found and photographed ourselves with.

We found the Provo Fire Dept. truck on University Avenue. Click!

The next stop going south on University Ave. was the music club Velour where we performed a lip sync on stage. Glad there's no video of that! This is the amazing old pressed tin ceiling under the awning. The shelves inside are a strange mish-mash of weird stuff! I spy Joseph Smith and Brother Brigham in an amongst the pop cans and Catholic candles!
 We found a Mayor Curtis head inside too!

Rachel was our "Task Master/Passport Keeper" and kept us on track!

I sneaked a quick photo of the old Provo Tabernacle which  totally burned out in December of 2012.
It is now being lovingly restored and will become the new Provo City Center Temple in 2015!!
Blessings rising out of the ashes!

We visited the interiors of many downtown businesses. This was a funky antique store called "Cat's Cradle"
where the young ones ran up the old stairs in search of our item. I don't remember what it was!
 I want to go back to this little store and it's neighbor on West Center St. called Man in the Moon".
Shopping Centers and Malls have spoiled us.
 I urge you all to get out and explore you old downtown areas. They are full of treasures!

You read in my last post about the smashing success of the event! We will be in the next Guinness Book of World Records Folks!!
About a week later I got a message on Instagram informing me that the name we chose
 for Sodalicious' new drink was chosen as the winner!

Our prize was $100  worth of gift certificates from Sodalicious! It's a good thing they are in Provo and I am about 20 minutes away or I might have used them up already!!
I give credit to Rachel who came up with the name, I was the one who Instagramed the picture so they tagged me as the winner. I share my spoils with Team Footloose every chance I get!

                                     They have yummy sugar cookies and BIG Krispie Treats too!
Thanks Sodalicious!

Next time I post, I will tell you all about my stupid accident and strange injury I am dealing with now.
I also want to get back into the Time Travel machine and get us all caught up 
on my Granny Hamblin's life story. 
See you soon!

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URFAVE 5+1 said...

It looks so fun!!!! I love that you guys won the sodilicious gift card! What a great event!

P.S. I read ur comment about ur injury. Man you and Brian need to be careful!!!

Love you!