Friday, October 24, 2014

Football, Moving, &, Fall-ing (oh MY!)

It's football season folks! Here we are in our awesome top of the stadium FREE seats! I emphasize the word "free" because we really do appreciate them! We sit among all of the other coaches and trainers from various teams who also get seats as a nice little perk of their jobs. Besides, walking up there is the best workout I get all week! This was at our first home game of the season, 3rd game overall.

It was BYU vs. Houston and was played on Septemebr 11th.
 Our awesome ROTC carried out the 
Mother-of-all-Flags and the players from each them helped hold it for the National Anthem.
My husband the coach may, or may not have been crying.

I love Cougar Stadium. I love the view. WE saw a lovely sunset that evening.
 (Yes, I know it's LaVell Edwards Stadium now. I am not big into name changes. It will ALWAYS be Cougar Stadium to me!!)

I got to participate in my first-EVER stadium card stunt during half-time. It was really fun! Notice the large instructions printed on the card. How could we fail?!

After a beautiful half-time show paying respect to the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, we got our big moment. You will see us at the top of the second "W" in the white. Aren't we great?!
Wait for it...there are TWO card stunts!
We are so talented!

 A few days later on a Thursday morning, I went up to the airport and met a very early morning flight from San Diego. What a treat to have Diana and Lucas visit us for four short days on their way to their new home in Minnesota!! This little trooper was so tired after getting up at 5:00 am on the coast!

Nick and his father were driving the truck. Mike flew out from South Carolina to help. That's a nice Dad! They arrived in Utah a little bit after Diana and the boy did. They spent the night at Nick's Grandparent's home down the hill so there would be enough beds for everyone. They left early two days later and began their long, Lo-o-o-ng journey! They arrived after driving I think about 23 hours and went to work unpacking the truck and putting together the beds so that all would be ready for Nick's little family to arrive. They deserve a medal!

We were the fortunate ones who got to enjoy a few more days with the young Master and his Mom!

This has become a standard thing for Pa and Lucas. Lucas asks for a "Choo Choo" and Pa finds a video on his iPad. There are some pretty awesome train videos out there! They boy could do this alllll day! What Pa? You have a Priesthood lesson to prepare? Pshhh! What's more important?

Anything the kid needed, his Aunties and Uncle were right there!

Here's Auntie Rachel making her famous "Unicorn Poop" cookies. You read that right.

I grabbed these pictures from the web. Someone in the house posted a picture that night but I can't find it.
They're just sugar cookies. No Unicorns were squeezed!

Does your Gramma have a big Piggy Bank? She should!
When someone says "Feed the Pig" Mr. Lucas tries, but that Piggie just won't eat!

"Gramma says you do it THIS way."

He's got a very good eye for this!

We took Lucas to "Cookie Cutters" for a trim. He chose the pink car this time!

One day Momma went to lunch with her BFF Whitney. Gramma and Lucas went outside to enjoy the afternoon. Pa and Gramma have a really fun neighbor. Lucas told me all about the "poy-pul" pumpkin and asked to go see the others.

Then he decided Pa's yard needed a trim!

Gramma grew some zinnias this year.  See that dead bush in the background? Pa and Uncle Richard are pulling it out this weekend...they don't know this yet!

"BUS!!" We had a great time watching the school bus, a big UPS truck and lots of cars go by.

Friends since they were both the new girls on the first day of 8th grade. Love Whitney so much!! She now drives a mini-van because she's the mother of twins Lucy and Eloise, and sweet baby Ava!

I took the gang down to Provo to enjoy some Sodalicious, ON ME! 
(Those $100 of gift certificates are awesome!)
Lucas gave me a flower!

Auntie Britt came over from Google Fiber to join us.

It was a gorgeous day but we were racing a thunderstorm!!

Story time on the last night before they left. We all wanted him to stay up just a bit longer.

Nick, Diana, & Lucas have been in Minnesota for just over a month now. Somehow I miss them more knowing they are just that much farther away. They are doing well and love exploring their new home. If you want to follow their blog, the link is off to the right. She makes some fun observations on the difference between living in Utah vs. San Diego vs. Minnesota. Kinda hilarious! I'm not sure if she's private anymore but she welcomes friendly readers. If you need an invite you can send me an email and I'll send you hers.

It's autumn now at the Little House on the Corner. Sigh. I always mourn summer's passing for about a week. Not because I hate fall, but because I LOATHE winter!!

See those feet? They are wearing their brand new NIKE Cross Trainers. I was so enjoying them and how they feel. This is just minutes before they tripped on uneven sidewalk and I fell forward, hitting the sidewalk hard on my left chest area. Yep. Grace. I dislocated a few ribs and spent the next week in a Lortab induced state of drowsy pain! I'm healing now and dealing with the fact that winter is just around the corner. Sigh.



Jessica said...

Such a fun update! I got a little worried when I read "moving" and thought "No the Loose's cannot move!" Too many familiar faces from the ward move away and so I don't know people when I come to visit!

Sarah Faria said...

You have a cute little grandson!! I'm always glad they let us know when they're here so we can say hi. I also loathe winter and am completely dreading it after having been in Texas for the last three! I hope your ribs are healing well!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

How fun to have Lucas there. I love the picture of him mowing the lawn. What a good little helper. Fun to have the whole ...well together.
Jealous of the BYU pictures. Although since Taysom is gone they aren't quite as fun to watch anymore. Too stressful and painful.
Love you all...enjoy your colder weather and GORGEOUS Fall colors. :)