Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! After a non-planned break from blogging I am back! I let a few weeks go by after the last post, and then it was easy to blame it on the holidays coming, then the recovery from the holidays, then I was know all of the excuses. I feel the need to keep my Time Travel Tuesdays going, I miss my Grandma Hamblin's story and I want to finish it! So come back on Tuesday for the next chapter! In the meantime, here are a few photos of life at the Little House on the Corner from recent months.

My adorable Grandson became acclimated to his new home in Minnesota and grew a furry coat to stay warm. He met his new Bishop for the first time at a fall ward gathering where the Bishop let him "drive" his tractor. Lucas now calls his new friend "Farmer Bishop"!

This cool guy got his first job and spends his time wondering why his Mom takes so many photos of him.

Some mornings I wake up to this. You're jealous, I know it!

Remember that dead bush from my last post? My men did, indeed dig it up for me, and Richard turned it into kindling. I love how he works in comfort!

There was pumpkin carving in October. Roxie helped.

Well, OK. Roxie chewed!

It's awesome to have grown children who will clean out their own pumpkins. I am SO over doing that!

For Thanksgiving we hosted Dee's nephew Robert, a good-looking Marine who came up from California to be with us. He's the blond with the Marine hair-cut, naturally! The dark-haired young man is Tyler, Sarah Faria's brother.

And there's my nephew Michael and his wife Sarah, with their sweet baby Nathan.

I love his adorable face!! I wish my sister could see her Grandbabies more often.

Dee and Robert took in a BYU basketball game. Don't you love those 1970's gold seats in the Marriott Center?

Miss Britt and her Provo Google Fiber team earned a trip to Google HQ and had a wonderful time!
 It's a Wonderland kind of place to work!

I taught myself a new skill in December. I learned to paper-piece quilt from You Tube and made a Christmas gift for Sarah, our Canadian daughter (!).

It's a little table runner. I had so much fun doing it and I already have my next project ready to go!

I was thrilled mid-December to get this photo text from Diana! It meant my kids were closer to getting here for the holidays! Sarah flew to Minneapolis and spent a few days with Diana, Nick, and Lucas. Then they all flew here to be with us!

Santa-Dee always wears his Cougar Santa hat all through December. It lives on our bedpost so he can wear it to swim practice some mornings.

Poor Rox was -ahem- in a ladie's way in December and we tried out these Velcro undies to keep her tidy! They worked, but she was not thrilled.

 We bought a little Christmas train this year and showed it to Lucas on Skype. He was excited to get here and play with Pa and the choo-choo!

I had a nice village all set up and the boy had fun putting Santa in the chimneys. I new it wouldn't last long, but I enjoyed it for a week or so before he got here!

We soon cleared the way for the men to have room to run the railroad. They had a blast! Notice the dinosaur in Pa's hand? It produced giggles from Lucas by chasing the train!

 I love how snugly this boy is. He melts my heart!

Christmas Eve day was fun. We all went to the Provo Rec Center and had a swimming party. What else would this family do?

Louie and Britt kept the fire stoked and had us all feeling toasty! I spy Roxie chewing her Greenie bone!

I'll share a few more photos later. I know you are on overload right now! I've got to jump into my Tardis and get some Time Travel going! See you next time!

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URFAVE 5+1 said...

So glad your back. I loved seeing your pictures and what all you guys have been up to. I sure miss you all. Wish we got to see you all more often. I think we need a trip to Utah soon!