Thursday, August 1, 2013

Open House!

If you have not seem my last post you should, go back and read it. Done? Good. Now, on to the promised Open House of the tiniest little house that ever made a girl smile!

(Somehow this picture was left out of the last post. Isn't it priceless?)

Welcome to the little red house! We have thrown open our doors for you (or rather, we have removed the back wall to make it easier ;)

This home was built in 1964 by the Louis Marx Toy Company. 
The design is that of Traditional Colonial 2-story and originally sold for $6.98.
It is a tin lithographed doll house and I was thrilled to find this one with it's colors still so vibrant.
The windows are big and sunny. The front door is framed by Colonial columns and moldings. I love the cut-out trees on the 2nd story shutters!
(The Little House on the Dairy had shutters like this with green trees before its 1963 renovation.)
The siding is of red painted planks on the upper and white brick on the lower floor.

As you can see, the landscaping is already done for you and the side flower boxes are overflowing!
The chimney, or "Smokey" as some call it, is made of artistically laid flagstone with red brick trim on the top.

Are you liking it so far? Come on inside!

See? Removing the back wall gives you a grand view!
This is the perfect home for a small (small) family. Perhaps the next step up from a starter home. Are the children starting to arrive? We have a lovely nursery for you! Do you entertain friends?
There is a formal dining space separate from the kitchen.
Let's start on the first floor.

 The home has traditional furnishings from the formal dining set and buffet to the comfy sofa and chair. There is a massive fireplace and mantle with a built-in bookcase too!
There's something awfully familiar about that front door...

 I knew I loved this door!

This family is right uptown with the modern TV/Stereo combo with a pullout turntable. It was probably still black and white but was a TV!

 The kitchen is every housewife's dream! Just look at the big, bright windows that let in the morning sun. The windowsills are deep enough for your potted geraniums too! There is a combination sink and drainboard with a modern oven/stove top range.The refrigerator  has the curves of the post-war era with the modern touch of a separate freezer door for your convenience.

Looking at the open shelving helps me realize why I have such a love for Fiestaware. 
It's so cheerful!
Are you ready to see the upstairs? Let's go!

 The Master bedroom is big and comfortable with room for a double bed, because that's what everyone had in the 50's and 60's, (unless you were a married couple on television in which case you had twin beds!) and a vanity for the lady of the house. This vanity was an awesome find. The little foil-film mirror is completely intact and perfectly shiny. Very few of these survived their lives of being played with! The delicate little legs on the stool are nearly perfect too.

There is a fireplace in this room for the Master and his Mrs. to relax by after a tiring day.
The colonial brass fireplace fittings and tools are a nice touch.

 The bathroom is located down the hall. That's right, THE bathroom! Families in most mid-century homes understood that bathrooms were for sharing. Timing was everything! I believe this is the reason ladies had vanity tables in their rooms. 
They tired of trying to do their make-up while the kids pounded on the bathroom door!
 The walls are sensibly tiled because children do throw water around in the tub. The single sink is not included in any cabinet work. Three sides allowed for three tooth brushers to work at the same time! The Marx Co. had the medicine cabinet and light fixture down. This one could have been in nearly every home I was ever inside of in my childhood! Finding a bathroom set that included the little wicker clothes hamper is rare. I was quite happy!

Here's the little bathtub that Sherri loved so much. 
Gena was thrilled with the T.P. printed right on the wall. How would you ever run out?

 Here is the nursery I remembered so well. It is decorated in a toy soldier theme. The only piece of furniture I have yet to acquire is the playpen. I am still looking. I do have the potty/highchair because how convenient to feed your baby while you make him sit on the potty for hours waiting for results!
 Isn't this little parade going around the room adorable? There is a built in toy shelf with drawers for storage and note how the center section looks like a little castle gate being guarded!
In all of my purchases I had two favorite EBAY sellers. One of them is Suebee Miniatures. Miss Suebee always finds the nicest doll house furnishings. I do not know where she finds them! She stages her little rooms so nicely too. The rug, towel, and place mats in the kitchen, as well as the little coffee pot and cups came from her. She included the little red throw blanket n the Master bedroom and sent this darling little baby and teddy bear all snuggled up in a blanket. So cute! She throws these cute little extras in. Bonus!

Well folks, that ends our little tour of the Little Red Doll house. I hope you liked it! Oh, and keep you eyes peeled for tiny little pink playpens (like this one!) when you pass by tiny little yard sales,OK?


Gena said...

Love, love, LOVE my dollhouse! Thank you, thank you, thank you... Feeling blessed and young!

Nancy Face said...

So cute!

Sarah said...

Did these come with specifc dolls they were meant for, or did you just use whatever dolls you had? It seems pretty small so Barbie was definitely out of the question :)

URFAVE5 said...

I love this doll house and I especially love all the thought and love that went into finding the house and all of the furnishings. So sweet!