Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Camp Lucas

You never know how out of shape you are
until you find yourself doing something day in and day out, that you did years ago without ever thinking twice. I am a mother and have been one for over 33 years. I have chased little babies around from sunup to sundown, changing diapers, making bottles, putting cupboards and drawers back together, replacing the books in the book shelves multiple times daily, swiping my fingers into little mouths to remover paper or lint or whatever else those tiny little hands put into them as they zoom around the house over and over and over... In the past three weeks I have visited that world again for the first time in 18 years. I have been down on the floor, crawling, rolling, bouncing, acting goofy to induce little smiles until I thought I couldn't move any more. Sore muscles, aching joints, tired body...yikes! I need to do something about this!

I have been in sunny California for nearly four weeks now spending each and every day with my little grandson. The reason? My daughter had a very unfortunate accident and broke her 26 year old hip, requiring surgery and 8 weeks of non-weight bearing convalescence. My time here is nearly at an end. Her wonderful mother-in-law arrives tomorrow evening and overlapping my stay by 5 days, she will learn the ropes and fitness regimen that Camp Lucas has to offer. I know that Nana Mowes is in much better shape than I am. She will probably have a breeze of a time. I am so happy for her too, that she will get to spend this precious time with Lucas. The Mowes family have lived in Germany for three years and only recently returned to the States in South Carolina where Lt. Col. "Pops" Mowes is now stationed with the US Army. They haven't seen their grandson in person since Christmas. It will be wonderful for her!

All of the crawling, singing, face-making, goofy acting, nursery rhyme recalling, peek-a-booing, up and down-ing, face wiping, diaper changing, drool in my face-ness has been worth every minute for moments like these:


Nancy Face said...

He is darling! You are such a great mom and grandma!

I agree with you about babies being exhausting at our age! And guess what my new calling at church is? I'm the NURSERY LEADER!


Giles Family said...

I know that you have enjoyed every minute that you have been there and that Lucas has enjoyed having you. (Diana has too I am sure!)And now it will be Tami's turn and I am sure she is having a hard time waiting for the plane to land so she can get some of the Lucas time that she has been craving since she left at Christmas. Being a Grandma is so GREAT but it can definitely be exhausting!!!!

URFAVE5 said...

My heart has just ached for poor Diana having to go through this. I know from watching Conner how hard it is to be stuck and I can only imagine how hard it must be when your a mother and wife on top of everything else. I'm so glad that you've been able to be there with her and that Nick's mother will be able to be there too. On the bright side of it at least Lucas will have gotten to be with his grandmas.

Lots of prayers for Diana and your family!

Anonymous said...

Now this is what I call a fun summer camp...well, the playing with Lucas part...NOT the sad Diana part. I'm so sorry for her accident, I hope she heals fast and perfectly. Lucas is so cute...love his hair!!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

Of course we are so sorry for Diana's injury and that she had a lot of hard recovery ahead...but on the bright side we are thrilled that you were able to spend all this time with your sweet Lucas. I bet he enjoyed every minute with grandma!