Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time Travel Tuesdays~

Once upon a time there was a "Little House on the Dairy".
When I was a little girl we lived on the Ellsworth Dairy at 2305 North Recker Road in Mesa, AZ. It was a small frame house painted white with green shutters. Inside you would find a happy family (most days!) and a brand new crop of babies including my little sis Georgena and grandchildren!
For our time traveling today we go back to 1963. My sister Sharon had our family's first two grand-babies, Jalyn and Edwin. In this photo we see my sweet big brother Dean (former Mesa City auditor) holding baby Gena.That's a six-year-old me to the left, and Sharon holding Edwin after he got his first haircut.

What fun vintage things do you see?

I love the salt and pepper shakers on the back of the stove. They were little silver milk cans! Do you see the utensils hanging on the wall? I want you to know that when Mom finally sold her home in 2004 and divided up her things between us she still had most of these! I have the long, narrow spatula and I use it every time I frost a cake! That was an awesome gas stove. See the container for the matches high up on the wall where I couldn't reach? Also, look at that fridge! My parents bought it in the 50's. Notice the chrome wrap-around handle behind Sharon's head? I would love to have it now and paint it a cool turquoise color.

Gena, weren't we cuties?? Baby Edwin has gray hair and a mustache now and Dean is a Grandpa many times over! We miss our Sharon every day.


Dorie said...

I think the best part is that awesome painted bead board in the back! LOVE that stuff! Great pic. And I just love the dress Sharon is wearing!

URFAVE5 said...

I always love your time travel tuesdays or memory mondays. Those are always some of the best posts. Thanks for sharing.

It's funny how times change, people change, styles change. I love that the truthfulness of the gosple and the love we have for our family never changes.

Thanks again for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute picture, Marianne. All of the utensils look very familiar to me, my mom had a lot of those same things. We also had a refrigerator similar to that one and a really cool gas stove. You and Gena really were cuties, still are.