Monday, February 25, 2013

Adventure Time!

Today as I look at blinding whiteness outside and listen to the sound of money being eaten by my furnace, I close my eyes and think that less than 24 hours ago I was here:


It was heavenly warmth and sunshine that is otherwise known as Los Angeles, California. I know that to some of you this is more or less a year-round thing, but for little me, February in Utah County means snow, boots and gloves, thermal jammies and hot cocoa, and hours of yearning for summer.

So, I went on a mid-winter's adventure. I traveled to LA with the BYU Swim Team to attend their conference championships. It was so much fun! May I just say that those kids are a blast to travel with! They are an amazing group of athletic talent and high energy. They are funny and young (I was once!) and they are really good people. More about them later...

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and by 8:15 the next morning I was on my very first train ride!

 I took the Metrolink train from Montebello to Oceanside where my sweet Diana & Baby Lucas met me! It was such an interesting experience. First of all, a bit intimidating for the first time. I learned I had to switch trains at Los Angeles Central Station and it gave me pause...I told myself if my girls could do this all over Europe not even speaking the language fluently, I can do this! Thankfully my husband prayed someone there to help me, literally. We met a kind woman at the Montebello station name Melanie. She normally took an earlier train but "for some reason" she decided to go to work an hour later. Thank goodness! She was so nice! She showed me where to stand, to get on the train fast because they don't mess around waiting for people, where to sit so I could get off quickly with my big old suitcase full of baby clothes, then she sat with me and visited. When we got to LA if she hadn't been with me I would have panicked. I am sure I would have found the right train eventually, but having her to follow was the best! She was taking the same connection so she just took me under her wing. She got off in Tustin but not without much advice and lots of laughing and smiles. I hope she is blessed for her kindness!  Below is the tunnel we took under the tracks to get to our Oceanside connection. Down underneath it was bustling and there were pillars with platform signs. I thought briefly of running into one with my suitcase to see if I came out on Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express!

I think I would love to take a long train trip someday. How relaxing to just sit and read, listening to my favorite Beach Boys, and get somewhere really fast! Before long, the industrialized, graffiti-ed view we had of LA gave way to scenes like this:

What a life!
I want to rent a bungalow and stay here!
Cute cafe...

The closer we got to Oceanside, the closer to the beach the tracks were. It was gorgeous!

I got off of the train in glorious sunshine and was met by this cool dude and his mommy!

 It was so wonderful to see Diana and Lucas, and later Nick. I love these guys so much and to spend the next few days with them was such a gift!
More later on our fun times!


URFAVE5 said...

I'm so glad that you were able to go! What a fun trip! Sure love you guys!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

So jealous that you were on the beach with sand on your feet. Oh how I miss living close to the ocean.
I am glad you were able to have a fun adventure and get to see that precious face.
Love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Oh the perks of being married to a swim coach (not that U of U swim coach, however!) What a great trip! Very brave of you to venture out on the Metrolink all alone. California can be a scary place, or so they say. I never felt scared when I lived there though. Reminds me of when I chaperoned Kaci's high school Madrigals to Washington D.C. and left my camera at the hotel. I had to take the Metro from the Capitol Bldg. back to the hotel all alone. I felt so adventurous and brave because we all know Washington D.C. IS A VERY SCARY PLACE!!!

Well I hope the swim team did well and here's to many more fun trips for you in the future.