Friday, March 1, 2013

Adventure Time part 2

After Diana showed me around Oceanside she took me back to her home where we rested and visited until Nick came home. That evening I got to help bathe the Grandson and smell his sweet clean-baby smell! This kid makes some funny faces!

Here is the little guy all clean and shiny! He sure has grown since is low weight of 4 lbs ? oz in the NICU.

The next day Diana informed me that every Wednesday is hers and Lucas' outing day. They took me to Balboa Park with the intent of taking advantage of "half-price museum day in the park. It was a glorious warm day so we strolled around a bit before deciding on a museum. We sat by the fountain for awhile and I thought of my family back in Utah and the snow that was falling on them right at that moment. I was so happy to be where I was!

 The architecture is so beautiful in that place and I just loved looking around.
Diana has this "thing" about me taking photos of her so this is how she posed for me at one point!
 She showed me the world's largest botanical structure made entirely of wood. pretty cool!
 We visited the Koi fish for awhile. There are some really big ones in there!
 I enjoyed hearing the bell chime in the tower while Diana was watching for eagles and hawks. She has such a bird-watcher's eye and is really good at spotting them.
We never could decide on a museum and honestly, I was so happy to be outside in the sunshine that that's all we did. We found a nice spot in the English garden to eat our lunch then Diana took the baby to see the pretty little fountain.

 She is such a good mother. I am so very proud of how she is taking to motherhood and loving her little guy!
 Even better than the sunshine and the beautiful park was being with this little guy.
He is such a good baby!

 Day 3: We took a little walk to a local pet store. Lucas love the aquariums. Later we ate lunch outside on the balcony. I was so delighted. Little Lucas laid there kicking his feet and smiling at us. I once again felt badly for my Utah gang, but only for a minute!

 Diana was so sweet to let me hold Lucas and feed him every chance I got. We played peek-a-boo with his blanket and I made goofy faces and noises at him until he gave me his big belly laugh. He surely thinks he has the silliest Gramma ever!


URFAVE5 said...

He really is darling!!! It looks like Diana and Nick are doing well and that parenthood agrees with them along with the lovely weather. So glad you got to enjoy sweet Lucas!

Anonymous said...

You have a darling grandson, Marianne! Lucky you! Hey, I was born in California, grew up there and lived there most of my life...why have I never been to Balboa Park?? What a gorgeous place. We are going to Newport this summer for a week, Balboa Park is now on my list of things we must do while there. Looks like you're having a great time!