Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photo Booth

"Hey Lucas! Gramma's going to teach you an important social media skill.
 You have to know how to take a good self portrait so listen closely!"

"First you hold the cell phone at arm's length. Then...you give it you biggest smile!"
"Oops! Hey Buddy, you have to open your eyes like this."

"Oh rats! Now Gramma needs to open her eyes; but your smile is cute!"

"Oh! Good one, but it's blurry. Let's try again."

"Are you smiling Lucas?"
"Pssst, Gramma?"
"What Buddy?"

"You're funny!"
"That's what they keep telling me, son."


Ellsworth Party of Four said...

What a fun little photo shoot. I bet you are just LOVING that little one more that you ever thought possible! I am so glad he is home and doing so well.

URFAVE5 said...

How cute is he! He is just precious! I'm so glad that he is home and doing well.