Wednesday, October 10, 2012


There's a first time for everything. For me, there have been a lot of firsts lately. The first broken leg among my children led to the first surgery I had to sit through and worry over. Here is what Rachel came home with after surgery last Thursday:

I knew there was a good reason I cried all of the way to the E.R. that night. No Roller Derby for 6 months. If I had my way... I am not amused, can you tell?

Another first, for Richard anyway. Braces! Poor guy had to wait until his senior year to get them but now that we have amazing new insurance through BYU we are able to do it. The prognosis is two years so the announcement about young men being able to serve a mission for our church at age 18 now will not effect Richard's plans or time table. He won't even be 18 until next June so we had timed it just right to have them off by age 19. Oh well! I am envious of the clear brackets our new insurance allowed us to get for him. I wish the girls could have had them. Being a boy, their brother does not appreciate them much!

One more first...Lucas' first month has gone by! On Monday, October 1st Diana and Nick went in to visit their son in the NICU and found that one of the sweet nurses had decorated for the occasion.

This darling baby boy has stolen the hearts of every nurse who has so lovingly cared for him. He was the old-timer in the nursery and they had all grown very fond of him!

Here is a photo of the first time Lucas met his Aunt Sarah! She came for a short visit to meet this boy and attend her New York, Utica Mission reunion last weekend.

The very best first, I have saved for last! Here is a picture of the very first time Lucas Michael Mowes left the hospital!! He has been home now for six days! He is doing so well. We are all so happy for him and for his parents who have been so worried about him. He left the hospital nearly 2 pounds heavier than his birth weight and is a very good eater too!

As you can imagine, this first time Gramma is in heaven!


URFAVE5 said...

You've had a lot of firsts here lately. A couple of them I'm sure you could have just skipped but that sweet grandbaby is one first that you'll never forget and always be thankful for! He is absolutely precious!

Richard looks handsome with his braces and Sarah looks so good and so beautiful as usual!

Hopefully your done with some of those not so good first things! Let's just do the good first things:)

Nancy Face said...

That leg plate thing looks crazy, but I hope it does a great job helping her leg heal up wonderfully!

Gee whiz! Richard's mouth has been busy! First wisdom teeth, then braces! Insurance is such a blessing.

Zach will be 18 in May, just before he graduates. He would like to leave on his mission soon after, but he will probably have to attend one semester at ASU in order for his scholarship to be deferred for the two years of his mission. But maybe he can go at 18 1/2!

Lucas' birthday sign is very cute and happy! I'm so glad his nurses loved him so much!

Hooray for precious Lucas getting strong enough and big enough to come home! Oh, so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear the great news that Baby Lucas has come home (where he should be)!! He looks like a darling baby and I hope he continues to eat good and grow BIG.

So sorry about Rachel's leg and surgery...never fun for the patient or the mom! The x-rays will be fun to show her children one day.

I love Richard's new braces. I haven't seen the clear ones before but they look great. We had BYU insurance years ago when Kaci was born and she only cost us $'s the best!

Good Luck to all of you now that Baby Lucas is home, the fun is just beginning.

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

A lot of firsts...some you probably could have done without.
That is one tough looking x-ray Rachel will have to show off for years to come though!
Coming from a mom with two kids currently in braces...they are NOT fun or CHEAP! Brent could have a new SWEET truck for the price I am paying each month for those blasted things. BUT beautiful straight teeth are worth every penny.

I am so glad to hear Lucas is home and no longer hooked up to tubes and monitors. What a long hard month for Diana and Nick. He is just precious and I KNOW you all are enjoying him to the fullest!
Love you all!