Friday, April 13, 2012

For the Birds!

As I told you last month, Nick and Diana have moved in with us for a short time and with them came the grandbirdies, Evie and Augie. They are so happy, singing and chirping all day long. They love to compete with any noise in the house. Their favorite sounds? Water running in the kitchen, silverware clicking in the sink, the vacuum, and the radio or i Pod (especially the Beatles, they have good taste!).  They provide plenty of laughs too. Case in point...

Diana lets them out to fly about and stretch their wings and this is where they landed!
 "Move over you faux birds, we have arrived!"

They consider themselves part of the family, trying to insert themselves into the family picture...

They are dressed in the color theme of green, brown, and yellow after all!

They make me smile. I am grateful.

Now a question. Who do you think these feet belong to?

I'll tell you next time. Were are having lots of fun!


URFAVE5 said...

Those birds are WAY cute! They almost look fake in some of the pictures the way they positioned themselves.

Okay about these feet....The ones on the very far left the blue ones-that's grandma Helens. After that I'm not too sure but I think maybe yours are the white tennis shoes? Hmmmm.....not sure. Boy I can't wait to find out!

Nancy Face said...

I love birdies! I've been a bird person ever since I was a little girl! They're so cute and smart, upstaging those fake birdies and all.

Sarah Faria said...

I know who's feet those are! Those brown shoes sure are cute! :p the little birdies are cute too, and so funny! They've had a lot of extra noise lately to chirp along with!

Anonymous said...

Those grandbirdies remind me of my childhood. I always had a parakeet when I was growing up and I loved each one of them. Cute pictures. Just think...soon you'll be taking pictures of grandBABIES and that will be even more fun.

As far as the shoes...I don't have any idea but I can't wait to find out.