Thursday, April 19, 2012

Many Feet

There have been lots of shoes and many feet traipsing around the little house on the corner lately. Remember those feet from last time? Here is who they belong to~
Those blue shoes are mine...
You also see Nick, who is saying to his wife Diana, "Your mother is taking pictures again! Why does she always do that?"
 There's my blurry son!
 Then we have a bunch of Faria people! There's Steve who came down from Ogden where he is currently working, Gena who came from Denver where she holds down the fort, and Michael who is on leave from the Army and came to Utah to see his family and his wife's as well.They are enjoying their first trip to U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt.

Rachel was home for the weekend to visit with her cousin Michael. Emily came up from Provo to see her brother Michael. Sarah Faria came from Texas with her husband Michael! Then there is the Master who just looks for any excuse to go to U-Swirl! "What's that you say? You stubbed your toe? Are you sad? Frozen yogurt time!!"

It was yummy indeed!

I have had the privilege of hosting various Farias as they have come in and out of state to attend various college graduations and see family members. Sarah's brother graduated from LDS Business College last week and Michael's brother Chris and his wife Christina are graduating from BYU tomorrow. The obvious choice for their long leave was to come to Utah. Steve is at a contract job in Ogden so he was in the state too! Gena and Mom came over to visit with Michael for a week. Then Gena drove the 7 hours home to attend Allison's graduation from Regis Beauty School in Arvada last Thursday. She and Alli drove all the way back to Utah that night so that Alli could see Michael as well. It has been nearly two years I think! Emily has been at BYU this semester and Chris and Christina live there as well so my house became ground zero! How fun to have family all around for weeks at a time! Are you as dizzy as my sister Gena feels? It has been hectic for her and she has handled it all very well. She needn't worry about overwhelming me or my house. We love them all!

Now a little clue about my next post. What is mostly white, has four legs, runs in circles, and has come to live in the little house?

See you next time!


Ellsworth Party of Four said...

What a fun time! The more family the better in my opinion...unless it was AT my house...then I might feel differently! :)
Give everyone hugs from us ST George Ellsworths...we love and miss you all!

Sarah Faria said...

It was a very fun time! We miss you guys already!! I'm excited for the next post, I've been wondering what the doctors said about cute little Roxy.

URFAVE5 said...

oooohhhh....I'm excited about this next post!!!

I am so glad that you guys all got to be together. Man I wish we could have all been there too. It looks like you all had such a good time! I sure miss you all! We really must try to have a little Ellsworth Family Reunion. Wouldn't that be fun?

Love and miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Fun times at the Loose House! It looks like you all feel about U-Swirl like we do about Menchies (in SG). We find any and every excuse to go there. Love it!

Can't wait to hear about the new resident, I sure hope it's a new puppy and NOT a cat. Jim and I have decided that most people who have cats are weird ( very best friend is a cat owner/lover and she's not weird so, of course, there are exceptions) but generally speaking, cats = I hope it's a puppy.