Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Even the Dog is Sick...

It all began on Christmas Eve. We all crammed into the minivan and rode through the Holiday Lights show at Thanksgiving Point. It was really fun, but one of us was not doing so well. Not long after we got home the men made a quick run to Walmart in Cedar Hills to grab some last minute items. The Master lost his dinner in the bushes outside of the store. (That lovely landscaping that the city of Cedar Hills insisted on to make their new big box store look a bit more ritzy...oops!) About an hour later Rachel became victim number two. She was violently ill all of Christmas Day, after the gifts were opened, which was a lovely time in spite of everything.

And then there were two. Sarah and I are the lone holdouts. Everyone else in the family, all 7 of them including Samwise, are sick, sick, sick. Poor Richard. What kind of mother grabs her cell phone to snap a shot of her adorable son feeling so poorly?
I do! You have to admit, his hair is awesome!

Poor Samwise has been stricken with the tummy troubles too. His ears are back, his tail is down. It's very sad! Sarah and I are having sympathy tummy aches. We are not really sick but neither of us wants to be sick so we are having tea and toast for breakfast, just in case! to another day of cleaning bathrooms and making Jell-o. Hope you all are doing much better than we are!

P.S. My kids all got together and gave me an amazingly wonderful gift. I'll tell you all about it when I feel better.

P.S. again...Sarah and I made it through the day but she succumbed late this evening. I am it, the last one. The one who is cleaning and caring for everyone else, washing sheets and blankets, running to the store, washing my hands dozens of times a day, trying to stay well! What's that line from "The Farmer in the Dell"? Oh yes, the cheese stands alone!


URFAVE5 said...

Oh dear! That is awful! My friend in my ward her whole family got sick just like what your describing! She said it came on so sudden and it so violently! She said it was just awful! For Christmas for their last trip before her son leaves on his mission they went to Florida and when they got on the plane she said within moments two of the five of them were SO sick! Within the next 48 hours they all five were sick but they managed to all pull it together the last couple of days of their trip and were able to have some fun.
So sad to spend your Christmas with everyone so sick. I will pray they all get better and you don't get sick!

Love You All!

Marianne said...

Too late Jolynn! :(