Thursday, December 22, 2011

Many Photos...The Dog is in Charge!

Hi there everyone! It has been a long time since I visited Mom's blog, and since she is running around here saying she doesn't have time for everything I thought I would sneak on over to the computer and help her out. A few weeks ago the busy-ness started when she put this faux tree in the front room. When I say "faux" I mean no scent and not even a bird in there to bark at! She keeps mumbling something about how she wishes she had time to cover her yard sale chairs. Maybe I can help her with that in the New Year.
She wanted me to think she was taking a photo of the tree thing, but I knew she wanted me in there!

A few days later we woke up to this!! NO!! Not again! So much for laying in the warm grass and basking in the sunshine! Sigh.

I will tell you a secret...I get really sad when everyone leaves the house. The other day Mom put on her coat and shoes. I looked up at Mom with my awesome, sad brown eyes and got a ride around town out of it! I get really excited when I am in the car. She kept saying something about how she was going to regret this so I yelled a lot to make her happy! (And all of this before we even left the driveway!)
Another time Mom came home with photos of a happy trip to the grocery store. Macey's had carolers singing and it made Mom smile! She said something about it making her day. She found out they were all kids who actually work at the store too!

As for me, I get cheery by finding new and warm napping spots!

Sometimes the family goes out at night. They went to Richard's orchestra concert last week. Mom said the group sounded fantastic!

Last Saturday night everyone was really excited. The family were telling me that they were going to Salt Lake City to see the lights and eat dinner at the "Lion House". Why would they want to eat with a bunch of Lions? Those guys are slobs?! AND they are cats. YUCK!
Diana, Nick, & Dee leaving the parking garage on Main Street in Salt Lake City.

Peeking in through Brigham's window.
Anyway, Mom said they were meeting Dad's Young Single Adult ward at the Lion House for dinner. They stood in line and nearly froze to death before finding out that the wait was an hour long, even with their reservation! This was really bad news because the plan was to eat dinner at Brigham Young's old house and then go to the airport to pick up Sarah at 7:00. They didn't even vote...Sarah was far more important that any free, hot meal that included the famous Lion House rolls! (Well, if they had asked me...)

So, the family zoomed to the airport and soon enough they saw a lovely blonde coming down that escalator! There was also much cheering and excitement over the many soldiers coming home!

Sisters hugged, Mom and Dad cried, no luggage was lost this time, and they all went to eat at Pei Wei Chinese in Sandy. They brought home some yummy smelling chicken too!

Since then the world outside is even colder and I have found more warm places to hide. Seriously, you have to be creative!

Sometimes I help my family stay warm too!

Rachel is home from school too and she got a cute new haircut! I am glad I don't have to get haircuts. It's bad enough when they think they have to clip my claws!

This window seat thing that Nick made for Mom is really handy! I spend a lot of time on guard duty and it is in the perfect spot!

 That's what has been going on around here lately. There's been cookie baking and lots of fires in the fireplace too.  If Mom doesn't get back to the blog before Christmas she says for me to tell you all to have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your families!  

Now, excuse me while I curl up for another nap. I don't do that often enough!


URFAVE5 said...

I love these posts from Samwise. Which by the way he is so darling! I'd be glad to take him off your hands. I'm sure that Minnie and Maggie would gladly welcome a friendly smart guy like Samwise.

It looks like you guys are staying busy. I am sorry for all your snow, I know it makes it hard on you guys but man it looks pretty in the pictures.

I also LOVE the picture you took in Salt Lake. The lights and with the temple in the background are beautiful!

I hope you guys have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Love You All,

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

What a cute post from good ol Samwise. Lots of fun stuff he missed this past week...but at least he was able to keep himself entertained while the family was enjoying themselves out in the cold.
Merry Christmas to the whole family...glad you can all be togther to celebrate!

Abbie said...

I love Samwise's posts. You're so creative! I still remember when Diana (and the other siblings I'm sure) were trying to convince Dee to get a dog... good decision in hindsight right? :) Merry Christmas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a clever post from Samwise. Looks like the Loose Family has been having a wonderful holiday season, except for the missed dinner at the Lion House...sniff, sniff. I'm sure the best part is having all those girls home! Merry Christmas to ALL!

Sarah Faria said...

I know my mom's biggest wish is to have all of her family in the same place at the same time. It's been really hard with both of my older brothers being in the military, plus missions. I got all teary eyed when I saw the pictures of Sarah and everyone hugging because I know you must be one happy Mamma!

I love Rachel's haircut! She's so cute! Tell her to look at our Christmas Lights blog I just put up. There was a blue whale display and Michael had me take pictures just for her!

We miss you guys! Love you! And, Merry Christmas!!

Lori said...

Oh Sam . . . if you could just speak human english ~ how fun would that be? I love it when you get to be in charge of the blog. You are so dang cute and I know if I ever am lucky enough to meet you in person I am going to give you a great big kiss and a doggie treat!!