Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Changes at the Little House!

The Master of the house loves all living things. He scoops up spiders and puts them outside rather than smashing their guts all over my floors. He lets the little volunteer tomatoes grow in the garden even if they are coming up in-the middle of his peppers (he learned that one from my Dad). If he went overboard and planted 20 flower seeds where only one should be, he turns his head away with a pained look as I commit herbicide by thinning out the seedlings as they are choking each other out (yeah, they don't like each other!). So when our two aspen trees came down with a fungus four years ago he hoped they would get over it, which they did off and on for the next three summers. This year, however, after they put on their spring green, the leaves all turned a sickly black-spotted brown and looked just awful. Master Dee finally admitted they had seen their last summer and it pained him greatly. Son-in-law Nick, Jack-of-all-trades and tool-guy extraordinaire was itching to borrow a chainsaw and get the job done. It happened last weekend. Dee stood back with a grim look on his face and Richard and Nick began the task. Soon, a mighty CRACK was heard through the neighborhood and the first tree fell with a sick thud in the Master's heart. It was followed by the second tree and the deed was done. It was for the best as the men soon discovered. Both trees not only had the fungus but were infested with bores.

I think having the two trees gone makes the Little House on the corner look bigger. Compare the photo in the right column of my blog to the one below.
I realize it may be hotter next summer but if I get my dream we shall one day have a deep, covered front porch to help with that!

The Little House also got a little facelift with a fresh coat of paint on the front door and stair railings that were chipped and rusty. They are now a shiny black, and the door went from "Beluga" black to "Fig Leaf" green. I love the fall wreath against the green. (I just noticed my little wreath is off center...argh! The perfectionist in me is bugged!)

We are all ready for winter, at least on the outside. I am so not ready for cold winds and snow and we have already had some! How are things at your little house?


Anonymous said...

Let me say, first thing, that I REALLY LOVE the color of your front door and I'm considering stealing it (I live far away so I hope you won't mind). Now about the trees...we had a beautiful tree in the front of our house, not in the front yard but in, what we call, the garden area near the front door. I loved that tree soooo much. We didn't know we were supposed to cover the trunk in winter (we are from California and don't know about such things). Anyway, during one particularly cold winter our tree froze. It kinda came back, much like you described about your trees, but finally we had to cut it down. Our house has never looked the same and I've never gotten over it. Isn't it funny how we can attach ourselves to things such as trees and flowers and gardens. I have a rose bush that I feel similarly about, thank heavens it's still going strong. My point is...I can feel Dee's pain vividly and I'm impressed that he was able to watch. I know it took a lot of courage. I like the way your house looks, unlike ours which has never looked the same!!

Sarah Faria said...

Our little house isn't nearly as cute as your house! We have had to turn the heater on a few nights this week, but I think the weather is still pleasant. I'm excited to decorate for Christmas!!

We miss you guys!!