Saturday, October 29, 2011

Plenty of Orange Around Here!

Last Monday, while Rachel was still here, we held our annual Jack-o-lantern carving night. Rachel had requested gingerbread cookies even though we usually make sugar cookies. What's an indulgent mother to do? Halloween gingerbread was really fun!

I found five fat pumpkins at Macey's just hours before. I got lucky. If I had arrived at the store any later in the afternoon I would have been out of luck. I could not believe how depleted the supply was until I realized it was Family Home Evening night in Utah County! I think everyone in the city was carving pumpkins, or at least buying them last Monday!

My kids always get creative. This year was no exception! 
Below are Brittany's cute creation on the left, and one of Rachel's on the right.

In this photo Rachel's 2nd  pumpkin is on the left. It's the Deathly hallows symbol from Harry Potter. I am annoyed that I cut half of it off because it kind of looks like a sailboat here! The one in the center is Richard's. They tell me it's the symbol from "The Red Lantern" in the comics.

Nick and Diana showed up a bit late but Nan came prepared for a unique experiment so Britt helped her.

Here are the finished products. Pretty, right?
Diana got the idea from my Country Living magazine.
She painted the pumpkins then used Mod Podge to apply wrapping paper. In the magazine they copied fabric and printed it out on paper. I love the toile on the cover. She liked the results and wants to do it again next year, having learned a few things the hard way on this trial!

So, are you all ready for the big night on Monday? I have never been a huge Halloween fan but enjoy watching the kids have fun. Hope you all don't eat too much candy!


Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I love love love those black and white cute and creative. I am so impressed by all the talent flowing from those walls these days...gee wiz if I had an ounce of that I'd be thrilled!!!
Happy Halloween to the whole family. Love you all.

URFAVE5 said...

Wow those are some beautiful pumpkins! I love them all! We sure could have used some help from your place with our pumpkins. It looks like you guys had a Happy Halloween!

Love You All,