Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Time Travel Tuesdays~Eat Like a Pilgrim!

Today we travel back in time to last night. Lame? No! Pretend it is the year 1621 and you are attending the first Thanksgiving feast in Plymouth Colony. That's what we did last night! We were time travelers in the Show Barn at Thanksgiving Point as we attended "Eat Like a Pilgrim".

We entered the hall at 6:00 p.m. and saw this lovely sight, tables all set with real pewter plates, mugs, and goblets. "Pilgrims" escorted us to our seats and then invited us to walk about and see all that was there.

The Master met a nice Pilgrim lady who is actually a teacher with the Alpine School District and a historian as well. They had much to talk about as you can well imagine! She invited him to travel to Plymouth and Jamestown with her group in 2 years. (Not unless I get to go too!)

There were Pilgrim games to play and exhibits of artifacts to see.

Soon the dinner bell was rung and we all gathered. (The pilgrim boys here were having way too much fun!)

The men were instructed to wear their large muslin napkins in the proper way.

Men were considered more "active" eaters and therefore had to drape themselves, messy guys!

We were served a lovely salad of greens, cheat bread (basically sour dough), roasted turkey & pork, corn pudding, and stewed pumpkins and squash. I liked it all! We had only a knife and large spoon because that is what the Pilgrims ate with. Governor Brewster reminded us all that the Good Lord gave us all "10 good fingers with which to eat". Most of us could not bring ourselves to eat our meat with our fingers, and minus a fork we all got creative! Using the knife for the meat was fine as Richard demonstrates, but eating salad greens with a spoon was a challenge.

Our final course was dessert! We were served a yummy berry cobbler.
There was no whipped cream. Pilgrims thought cow's milk was unclean and preferred goat milk.

 Some Moms might like a set of these in the backyard!

 This is sweet Jupiter, the goat Brittany loves!

 The lady in charge of the evening looking a bit harried. Kami can relate, we are sure!
As the dinner progressed we were roused form our seats for a tug of war between the English and the Natives. Nick helped the Englishmen take down Squanto's team! There was dancing. The Master and I were the head couple in our group. Whew! What a great what to burn off that cheat bread and cobbler!
There were also many Pilgrims placed into the stocks for various violations.

One poor man had a wife he could not control. She had things upon her legs that only a man should wear and her head was not properly covered. Shame! I do like the fact that HE got the punishment!







Ellsworth Party of Four said...

HOW COOL!!! what a fun event. I have decided I want Britt's job. She did an excellent job...it looks PERFECT in there and very well organized.
What a blast to get to participate in all these amazing events as a WHOLE family!
Good Job Britt...keep up the GREAT work.

URFAVE5 said...

IT looks like it was another amazing event! Brittany looks like she is doing a fabulous job! Good job Brittany.

Sarah Faria said...

I don't know how I missed this post! I'm so glad I found it though, because I was wondering how Brittany's event turned out. She does such a great job, it looks like it was so fun!