Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time Travel Tuesdays~

Please forgive me if I get a little misty this morning...sniff!

As I type this post, Brittany is literally taking off and winging her way to Washington D.C. where she will connect and go on to visit her big sister Sarah in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Sarah is beyond excited to have the first visit from a family member in the four years she has been going to school there. Brittany is a bit nervous in making her first-ever international flight and the first time she has flown alone. She text-ed me a little while ago, touched by some cute missionaries who were leaving for their missions in Ukraine today. They were calling home before they boarded. Then she text-ed me back to say they were on her flight. Yay! Extra blessings for that plane!

I am so grateful my girls all love each other. They are like normal sisters. They have had their arguments over the years, but when it comes right down to it, they are family...sisters forever! Sarah and Brittany have always been close. Sarah was born very patient and calm. This proved to be an advantage to her as her younger sister was born a very spunky, natural tease! Sarah forgave her when she witnessed Brittany toss her precious Cabbage Patch doll over the 2nd floor railing, and when she would grab fists full of Sarah's long golden hair and pull...falling backward! They grew to be roommates, confidants, fellow swimmers,  lovers of the same music, and best friends.

The first time Sarah held Her new baby sister Brittany.
 May 1983.

Always silly together!

Temple trip in Seattle. Young Women together. 1998.

Britt was the first one to get to Sarah when she came home from her mission. 
I didn't mind at all. I treasure this photo! February 2004.

My two blondie girls!

I hope the coming week brings happiness and fun for these two sisters as Sarah shows Brittany the city she has called home for four years.  I know they have both been counting the days for a very long time. I love the women they have become but they will be forever in my heart just like this...


Coach Dee said...

I love my daughters. They brighten my day and enliven my life. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post my dear wife.

URFAVE5 said...

This post made me a little teary eyed too. I think these two women are the most wonderful women around. I love adore them and feel like I've known them all my life. Their sweet sister bond is precious and one I always wished I had! I'm so glad that they have each other! Britt will have a splendid time with Sarah!

Diana said...

1987, huh? Are you trying to tell me that Britt and are are TWINS???