Friday, May 13, 2011

It's About Bloomin' Time!!

It's been a long cold spring after a long cold winter. We have had so much snow and rain these last few months that our snow pack is way up over 160% of normal! Now the weather is warming beautifully but that is bad news for the flooding situation in our rivers and creeks. I am glad I live at the top of a hill!

The tulips and other plants are all about three weeks behind normal; but since they have bloomed, they have brought back hope and happiness to my heart. Last Saturday Dee and I had a lovely afternoon at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. Thanks Britt! joy after a grey, grey spring! ~

Brittany works in a beautiful place! Too bad she has to be in her office for much of the day!

"Little purple pansies touched with yell-ow gold!" (That was for you Mom!)

I want to know what this variety is called. I love their unique bloom!

 This little guy was a perfect model. He hardly moved at all!

Isn't he the sweetest?

I do not know who weird turban guy is back there. Thanks for jumping in my photo dude!

I never met a tulip until I was 18 years old and found myself living in Idaho one spring. The tulips came up in our yard after my first winter of Idaho snow and dreariness. (Having grown up in Mesa, Arizona I thought I had died and gone to that other place!) The tulips were pale yellow with reds edges on each petal. I thought they looked magical! About three days later a wicked Idaho wind came and whipped them to death. I was devastated! Tulips have since become some of my favorites. It's truly sad that they only last a few weeks.

What's blooming in your yard?


URFAVE5 said...

Oh those flowers are beautiful! I have decided recently that hot pink tulips are my favorite flower around! Tulips are just gorgeous!

Gena said...

Well, I've had my tulips already and my day lilies are really growing. My grape hyacinths haven't held up to the near freezing temps we've had the last week :{ My daisies are coming up and my hosta are coming in larger than ever. And the coleus is happy since Alli and I attacked the hyacinths last year to give the coleus a chance. Oh, and green grass thanks to the rain.

I'm with you on the tulips in Idaho being magical. And actually seeing snow falling from the sky! I was glad to "have" to share a bed with you again. Shared warmth!