Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend~

Things were bustling around here this weekend! The little house on the corner welcomed Miss Rachel home for the weekend. We were joined by Cousin Chris, and Nick and Diana too. Brittany worked all day Saturday at Easter Eggstreme out at Thanksgiving Point along with Rachel who did face painting. I miraculously regained my energy and was able to do everything I wanted to!

Here's the run-down on the Loose gang plus a few photos: Toronto, working hard on her dissertation, made crescent rolls for Easter dinner with friends (she has Grandma E's recipe down!), church started late because the Ukrainian Orthodox Church  worshipers next door to the LDS chapel had blocked the entrance to the parking lot. Has Napoleon Dynamite's twin brother in the Gospel Doctrine class she teaches.

Brittany...Exhausted after running crazy, huge egg hunt and all day event. It was either a smashing success or a frustration, depending on how you look at it. Based on past ticket sales they planned for 2500 people. 4300 people came!! Ticket sales huge, many kids without eggs, and grumpy parents.

Rachel...Painted faces of wiggly children for 6 hours in the cold outside with numb fingers! Back at Snow College today and ready for finals week. Sold her first piece of art at the art show! One week until summer break!

Richard...Valiantly mowed thick, wet grass with a lawn mower which has lost it's self-propelled power. Spent the weekend doing his Seminary homework which was hugging his parents and telling them he loved them!

Nick & Diana...Spent a week having fun with Nick's Oma & Opa. Took them to the Tulip Festival and the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU. They are now working for the same company and enjoy driving to work together every day.

Chris Faria...Slept on our famous brown sectional that is more comfy than a bed. One week and 5 days from his wedding day!! (I cannot believe this!). Kind of lonely all weekend because his lovely Christina flew home to D.C. to get ready for the big day. Moved into their future home on Saturday and is setting up house.

Marianne...Stayed up late helping the Easter Bunny hide baskets. Annoyed with weight gain. Found her post-surgery energy. Made a lovely carrot cake!

Dee...Coached a swim meet on Saturday that took FOREVER, shopped with his wife for just the right ham. Is now the longest serving member of the Stake High Council. Says he feels old!

Sam...Helped clean the floor of dropped Easter candy and bits of ham. Went for a walk in the rain. Took lots of naps.

Coloring Eggs.

 Happy eggs and tempting candy.


 Caught sketching.

Son-in-law  Farkle-ing.

 Cousins playing.

 Lovely cake. Britt filled the hole with jelly beans because, "it's what Aunt Gena would do"!

 The spring banner I made.

 Did you know that Sam rhymes with HAM?!

 First post surgery photo of me...looking tired, but I looked SO much worse a few weeks ago!
Love my Rachel!


Sarah Faria said...

I think you're looking good!! Those are the biggest peeps I have ever seen, I think Michael would love them!! We miss you guys!

Helen Ellsworth said...

Enjoyed your Blog. Sounds like you had a very busy Easter. And lots of fun. Loved the pictures. We were surprised by a visit from Steve. He called Wednesday and told Gena he couldn't stand it any longer. Came on Thursday evening. It was a nice weekend. We had a really nice service on Sunday. Our Bishop's talk was extra special. He is such a good man. Love to all the family. And special love for you.

Lori said...

Your blog posting never disappoints me . . . especially if Sam is included. I think you look great. If I were to take a picture of myself I think you would say, "Man, did she have surgery? She looks worn out". Or maybe, "Man, she needs surgery!" When I look at your pictures I just see the same cute Marianne that I always see . . .

URFAVE5 said...

I really enjoyed reading what all everyone was up to and how everyone was doing. It sounds like it was a lovely weekend and I think you are as beautiful as ever!

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend you had! It's always wonderful when everyone is busy and happy and has work to do. While we were in Utah Co. I thought about you and wondered if you might be at Women's Conference but I didn't see you (HA!) I felt a little melancholy while I was there, maybe it's the weather, I hope blue skies and sunny days return to you soon!! But in the meantime, having your family around brightens up any gloomy day. I'm glad your energy is returning and I hope you continue to make progress everyday.