Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time Travel Tuesdays~

Aunt Dora

I am anxious to introduce you to one of my favorite aunties of all time, my Aunt Dora! I love all of my Aunts, but you must admit that some stand out in your memory and Dora Dean Corbett Ellsworth was one of them. That's quite a long name for a little girl! I'll briefly tell you how it came to be.

Dora Dean Corbett was born November 30, 1916 in Provo Utah to Walter and Annie Dean Corbett. She was a twin to her her sister Lora Dean Corbett. Walter passed away just two months later from cancer. Four years later in Mesa, AZ,  their mother married George Franklin Ellsworth Jr. or Frank, as he was called. She had cared for his ailing wife Caroline, who passed away from  kidney disease.

Here are Lora and Dora at about age two. Aren't they darlings? Those hats they are wearing are completely back in style today! Just look at those kissable cheeks!

Here are the twins with their new sister Ruth Ellsworth (front). Dora is on the left, Lora on the right. The family never used the word "step" in referring to each other. Dora's personality shines through here. She was very out-going!

Dora inherited he mother's full lips and big, beautiful blue eyes. Here are Lora-left, and Dora-right holding their first-born sons Ralph Hunsaker (Lora's) and John Steverson (Dora's) who were born a few weeks apart in 1936.

Here is the whole family, I am guessing about 1939-40 just before my father left on his mission. You can see Aunt Dora's flamboyant style in the turban she is wearing. She was always dressed "to the nines"! 
Left to right: George, Naomi, Dora, Lora, Ruth, Martha, Annie, Joseph, Robert  (front), & Frank Ellsworth. A happy, beautiful family!

Here they are again in 1957. Aunt Dora's hair had turned the gorgeous white that I remember. That seems to be a family trait. Some, like my brother Richard have taken it to the extreme! See her bracelets? That's another thing I remember about her. She was always wearing lots of bracelets and had wonderful turquoise sets she wore too.
Back row L-R: Naomi, Dora, Lora, Martha, Ruth, & Robert.
Front row: Joseph, Frank, Annie, & George.

This is the Aunt Dora embedded in my memory. Stylish, dynamic, fun-loving, full of life, smiling, and generous. I can still hear her great ringing laughter in my mind!
She was a beautiful woman who loved her family. She was dearly loved as well. I would burst with excitement when my mother would tell me she was coming for a visit. She always made me feel so important! I have no doubt she loved me! Her sister Ruth had this to say about her, "One of Dora's greatest attributes was her dynamic personality. She could make friends easily and was a jolly person and could make a person laugh even when she herself had reason to be quite the other way. She was optimistic and faced adversity with courage and hope."

Sweet Aunt Dora passed away much too young at age 59. It was May 17, 1975, the month I graduated from high school. How we all missed her. My Dad would get tears in his eyes when he spoke of her.

Next week I will tell you the story of Aunt Dora's violin.


URFAVE5 said...

What a beautiful tribute and post to Aunt Dora. I have to say that I haven't heard much about her. It was fun to read about her and to have the history of Grandpa's family all re-told again to me. He had a beautiful family! I think grandpa was sure a handsome fellow!

Nancy Face said...

This is wonderful! I love that Dora had a twin named Lora! I am so amazed by your extensive collection of family pictures - what a treasure! :)