Monday, February 21, 2011

Where Do You Blog?

Nancy Little sent out an inquiry this past week..."Where do you blog?" In response to Nancy's request, I will show you where I sit and make all of my blog posts. I have shown this picture before, last summer when my men sanded and painted my garage sale desk. Oh, if only it looked this clean all of the time! And, as is typical, there is my laundry waiting to be folded up at the table. My desktop background is one of my favorite fabric prints, "Dandy Damask" by designer Michael Miller. It makes me happy! Sometimes I change it, sometimes I come downstairs and find that Brittany has put Joe Jonas there instead! It is a good spot. I get lots of natural light in the mornings from my french doors nearby. It's good to be near those doors for Samwise's needs too! That little guy goes in and out a lot and we have no doggy door so I can just roll over in my chair and let him out to use the facilities.

So...where do YOU blog?


URFAVE5 said...

I love that desk! I think you blog in a very lovely place! I shall now picture you sitting there blogging away at that lovely desk!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this blogging space. I also LOVE this cute desk and knowing the history of it makes it even more lovely. Aren't we lucky to have such nice places to sit and ponder and stay out of the cold (p.s. I don't see any laundry anywhere). I also picture Samwise curled up at your feet while you sit and type. Jim and I talked the other day about getting a dog, I would really LOVE one but I guess the answer is NO because we'd also have to get a live-in doggie babysitter because we don't stay home much. Maybe in a few years, when we settle down. Anyway, thanks for showing us your very cute blogging spot, it's fun to think of you sitting there.