Monday, February 14, 2011

A Day of Love

I got crafty this weekend. This was my first attempt at making a banner. I have noticed on Etsy that they are all the rage right now. I think it would be fun to have one for every holiday and birthday. The next one I make will be out of fabric..if I ever get my sewing machine out of the shop! It's back again after only being home for 10 days. I told the man to not fix it until he calls me first. If this is going to be chronic I might as well get a new one.

I hope you all have a wonderful Lover's Day! I know some of you don't have a "lover" but you most assuredly have someone who loves you!


Sarah Faria said...

That is such a cute banner!! What a fun idea!

Sarah said...

I really like this Mom! I wondered what it was when I was talking to you yesterday so I am glad to see some pictures! Love you!

Nancy Face said...

Your banner is so pretty! :)