Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time Travel Tuesdays~

Gonna take a sentimental journey...so the old song goes. I must tell you that during the past few weeks every time I sit down to work on Mom's old photos I can only get so far before I have to quit. I have been working on restoring the pictures from the 1940's and 50's. My father and my sister are everywhere in these files, young, vibrant, happy...it's hard to believe they are both gone from this life! It's not just them either. I see the faces of beloved aunts and uncles, all of whom have lived and loved and have gone on to heavenly happiness. It has just hit me very hard. I am now one of the "old aunts" and there are several newer generations behind me! It has been a rather jolting thought and a lonely feeling. I want to work extra hard to preserve their memories, not just in the photos but in written word. Next week I plan to tell you a bit about the lovely lady in the photo below, my Aunt Dora.

Today I will share this photo with you. It was taken at a hotel restaurant in Phoenix. The occasion was a farewell dinner for my father. He was "shipping out", going overseas very soon and his sister Dora wanted to treat him and my mother to a nice dinner out. It wasn't long after this that Dad was trekking across northern Africa, through the jungles of Burma (running into head hunters!), and through the streets of India and China. He saw things he would never see again; things he didn't want to talk about. He also saw many things he shared with us over the years. Are they written down somewhere? I must find this out. I love those who lived before me and made my childhood so happy. It's hard to realize they are no longer walking the earth. We are so blessed to still have my sweet mother. At age 88 she is healthy and strong. I love you Mom!

Left to Right: my parents, Helen & George Ellsworth, an unknown gentleman friend of my aunt Dora, & Dora Corbett Ellsworth Steverson herself. Don't they all look so stylish and elegant? Don't laugh Mom! It's those 40's fashions. Everything was a bit more formal then. I hope the dinner was good. I know the company was!


Sarah said...

What a fantastic picture! You are doing such great work Mom! Thank you for preserving these memories for us!

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute picture. Isn't it amazing how casual things have become. This table looks so beautifully set and everyone is beautifully dressed. There is part of me that wishes we still had a little more of that elegance today but mostly, I must admit, I really like being casual. I like that we aren't judged when things don't exactly match or when we don't use the right fork, etc., it seems more about the relationship- experience. Anyway, these are very attractive people sitting at this table...what fun memories. I'm sad that we didn't get to meet your dad, he must have been a wonderful man because he sure has a wonderful wife.

Gena said...

I agree with Nancy, things are a little casual today. It would be nice to have some places that are middle of the road: it seems "nice looking" places like this one are very expensive to visit! I think the best we can do with Dad's memories is to do what we did with the pictures. We need to sit down and share stories. How long do you think it will take us to get that going?

URFAVE5 said...

I love these memorie posts and pictures. I marvel everytime I see Grandpa and Grandma in pictures at their true beauty. I mean seriously, what a gorgeous couple! I think Grandpa looked like Leonardo Dicaprio when he was in the Titantic movie. I know you probably think I'm crazy but that's who he reminds me of and I think Leonardo Dicaprio in the Titantic movie is one hottie. I can see why Grandma was head over heels for Grandpa.

Thanks for sharing!

Lori said...

I love this picture. They all look like movie stars. I miss how when you did go out to eat, rather it was to a place that was really nice or even a burger joint, you dressed nicely. Now you just go in sweats, no make up (I would never do this), hair yucky, etc. I wish we had those days back again. I think your dad looks so attractive - just love a man in uniform!!