Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's About Time!

I promised you a report on the Wedding Expo at Thanksgiving Point. I am slow. I took a few pitiful photos on my camera's internal memory space because I left the memory stick at home. Diana took some pictures on her Iphone but I don't have those yet. I finally found the cord to get the photos out of my camera and onto the computer...excuses, I know!

This was Brittany's first major event in her new job. By all reports it was a big success! She has had very happy vendors calling her all week to report that this was the most successful bridal show they have been to, ever! They received many orders and contracts for their services. I heard from a lot of the brides themselves, saying that they have been to a lot of shows this year and this one was by far the best. GO Brittany!

First, she had to fill all of these spots in the Show Barn:

She did it! Every one of them was filled! I talked to several vendors as I toured around. They all had great things to say about my girl like how easy she was to work with and how impressed they were by her hard work.

Here are my few sad little photos, and I will endeavor to get Diana's by the end of the weekend.

 Of course, any gadget was popular with the guys! This was an awesome ice sculpture! It chilled your punch on the way down!

 Diana, waiting in line for a free eyebrow waxing.
We won't talk about the 40-something "Bride-zilla" who butted in ahead of her! I am glad Diana was raised by me and has a degree of patience and decorum!

Dee and Nick sampling the divine gelato from  "A Day to Remember". This vendor won as the favorite at the Expo and got a discount on next spring's Expo booth rental.

 Pretty flowers everywhere and yummy treats to sample.

Here is the woman of the hour being interviewed by Fox13 News from Salt Lake City. She is so good on camera. We are very proud of her hard work and along with Britt we acknowledge the many blessings she has been given in finding this job!


Sarah said...

Hooray for Britsie! I am so proud of her and wish I could have been there!

URFAVE5 said...

Yay Brittany! I am a very proud cousin right now! That is awesome! I wish we lived closer and we could have come to see it for ourselves but it does looks and sound like it was amazing.

Helen Ellsworth said...

Just caught the post this even ing. I am so glad to hace checked in. How I would hace loved to have been there. Brittany I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. I never doubted that you could do a great job. I love you so much. Marianne thank you so much for taking the time to let us all enjoy it. I love you to. Mom

Edwin & Tamara said...

Wow That is so awesome...excellent job Brittany.:)