Sunday, January 16, 2011

As Promised...

Christmas morning!
"Star Wars" pancake molds for the Master.

An awesome brownie pan that bakes brownies and cake already divided into "the perfect size" pieces...because we don't get to them fast enough if we have to wait for a knife to cut them!

Sarah bought this T-shirt for her Dad in South Carolina at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Shack. Hmm...another food related item. I sense a pattern here! The Master loves food!

Nick's father is currently serving in Afghanistan. He sent Nick a wonderful gift of an Afghan hat and hand loomed scarf. Diana got a lovely handmade scarf too. The troops over there help these Afghan women who have formerly not been able to have their own income or businesses by purchasing from them. 
I think that is great!

Grown kids can really open those gifts fast!

We always have lots of books under our tree. Rachel got a fun Marvel comics quiz book. She found out she doesn't know everything about her favorite super heroes after all!

Britt is a sentimental gal, easily brought to tears. 
Someone always gets her on Christmas morning. This year it was Sarah with an awsome book...
...and Rachel with a fantastic painting of Britt's favorite musician of all time! 
She was really blubbering here, hence, the hiding!

Samwise always gets a new BIG BONE! It keeps him busy all day!

Of course many of us get the usual new P.J.'s. Richard got Pumas!
At one point when things were slowing down, Nick excused himself to use "the facilities". He came back toting a huge box exclaiming, "Look what I found!"

I was clueless, but Dee being male quickly assessed the size and shape of the box and refused to open it saying it was "too much" and "what did you guys go and do?"

I finally tore off a corner of paper and was shocked!
We have absolutely wonderful kids! Yes we do!

Reading amidst the rubble!

If you recall this post from last year, you will remember that the Romans and Barbarians had quite a field day in my Christmas village. This year the "Destroying Angel" struck. Horrors! I have the feeling my poor village folk had better get used to this kind of treatment.

Breakfast was started.

Sam was chased by a blue Mustang.

The men got right to work setting up the new shrine!

Then, as you can see, everyone kicked back and enjoyed life in HD!

 It was a Merry Christmas indeed! We were so blessed to have Sarah and Rachel home from college, and Nick and Diana joining us too.
The house has felt quite empty since the holidays have ended and several of us are fighting awful health issues. It's been a rough start to the new year but we must be optimistic...we will get better...right?

Coming soon: A report on the Utah Wedding Expo at Thanksgiving Point. It was held yesterday and by all accounts was a huge success! We are so proud of our girl Brittany who, in spite of terrible illness, held it together like a real professional and pulled off what many told us was the best wedding show they attended this season.!


URFAVE5 said...

I loved all the pictures! It looks like it was a wonderful Christmas! I loved Dee's pancake molds. I wish I had some! I also have always knows what awesome children you have but seriously, those are some pretty special kids to give their parents a new HD TV. I'm so glad it was such a wonderful holiday. I hope you all get to feeling well. I'm looking forward to hearing all about the big Wedding Expo at Thanksgiving Pointe.

Take Care!

Sarah Jane said...

Marianne, I love reading your blog because I miss you all so much! I am glad you all had a merry christmas and can't wait to hear more about the wedding expo. Give B a hug from me and tell her to hurry up and get better. Maybe some snicklefritz will help her.

Lori said...

Wow what a Christmas! I would post something about our Christmas, but the camera somehow never came out - what's with that? Wow a T.V. & pans that slice your brownies for you - aren't you a lucky gal!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

WOW...what a wonderful Christmas! I saw several gifts unwrapped that I was wishing I had! :)
Most of all just having everyone in the same room at the same time celebrating our Savior together...thats what makes Christmas the BEST holiday EVER!...well and Yoda Pancakes for sure!