Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Because You Haven't Had Enough Christmas Already...

December was fun, busy, noisy, chocolaty, and cold!! I ate too much, slept to little, had a melt down or two, and loved having my family around. I will share with you over the next week some of the photo highlights of last month. Nothing spectacular. Just us!

Sam practiced his talent to blend in with the decor. You can't tell which one is real, can you?!

Richard practiced blending in as well! See that blond head way back there? That's my viola playing son participating in an amazing Christmas concert. Really, they were awesome!

After we got Sarah and Rachel home for the holidays Brittany treated us to Holiday Lights at 
Thanksgiving Point. They were very pretty!

The best part was the funny paper glasses that made all of the lights shine like stars with six points. We had to take them away from Dee, who was driving (!) because he acted like he was on some psychedelic speed trip.

Did I mentions there were 8 of us in a van made for 7?

We got to meet some beautiful reindeer too! I felt sorry for them being out in the cold, but I was reminded... "Duh! They are from the North Pole!"

This picture is from another day when I visited Britt at work.
How cool to go to work every day and see Dasher and Dancer!

There were naps a-plenty and Samwise took full advantage!

The Master and I attended a yummy dinner for the Stake leadership. It was held at The North Hampton House, a beautiful old LDS chapel that has been transformed into a reception/event center. It was earlier in the month and really put me in a holiday mood.

 I was actually going to post these photos and tell you all that my living room was all decorated...I wish! How perfectly cozy that would be!

We were treated to each organization's leaders performing for us. This is the Stake Young Men's Presidency singing "White Christmas" (the silly version from Home Alone) while upside down and dressed as frogs! All I had was my cell phone. Sorry for the blurs!

For me, the best of the night was the Stake High Council or "The 12 Singing Elvi" 
singing Blue Christmas.
Here is my own personal Elvis!

 Next time I will share with you our Christmas morning pictures. You know, fresh out of bed, no make-up, gorgeous and all!

Have a happy day! 
My day is sunny and 5 degrees. 


Ellsworth Party of Four said...

Oh what fun it is to celebrate Christmas!!
What would the holiday be without lots of food, lights, naps, reindeer, beautiful decor and holiday parties?
I bet it was wonderful having everyone home.
Can't wait to see more!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the fun post Mom- I love seeing the pictures!

URFAVE5 said...

Thanks for this post I was wondering about your holiday. It looks like it was a good one! I can't wait to see more!

P.S. Stay warm! 5 degrees???? Goodness there is a reason why I live in Arizona!