Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time Travel Tuesdays~

Today we travel back to what seems like an impossible 20 years ago! Rachel Miriam Loose was born at 6:30 a.m. in Salt Lake city, Utah on Jan. 25, 1991. She was my largest baby at 9 Lb. 8 Oz. She is my fourth and youngest daughter, my little cherub!

It wouldn't be Time Travel Tuesday without pointing out some of the things that make me smile. I love the HUGE glasses on everyone! Oh, those 80's!  I also love that I thought I was so fat then. Hm! I would die to have that body back!

Grandma Helen and Grandpa George were there to help us. I was so grateful because I had some complications and was weak for several weeks. Here you see BIG sister Diana touching her baby just so you know Rachel was most definitely hers. She was a wonderful helper!
I adore my father's face here. He couldn't take his eyes off of the baby. How he loved his grandchildren!
Sister love!

Here she is chewing on her Daddy's knuckles! She liked to bite!

Bath time was my favorite time of day. I loved her little chubs!

How could you not love this face? I miss my baby girl!
Happy Birthday Miss Rachel!! You are a bright light in our lives!!!


Sarah said...

She was such an adorable baby! I remember being really proud to be a big sister again when she was born and I didn't even mind giving up my own room to share with her. I can't imagine our family without Rachie- I love her! Thanks for the great post Mom!

Helen Ellsworth said...

Marianne; What a sweet post. I had not seen some of the sweet pictures before. I love to "look back" and remember. Daddy looks so good in the picture. How I miss him. It will be eight years tomorow since he left us. Where has the time gone? I also go to visit Dr Renkin tomorrow to see if I need more Botox. I think I do but I feel so much better I can hardly beleive it. It is almost bedtime. Sweet dreams ! Love you

URFAVE5 said...

Happy Birthday Rachel. This was a very sweet post. Rachel is just a doll and she still is! I loved seeing the picture of Grandpa and Grandma. It made me miss Grandpa so much. I just love that man. It also makes me miss Grandma since we haven't seen her in about a year. I got a little chuckle about you thinking you were so fat in that picture. I look at pictures of myself and remember that that's what I thought too. Then years later I look at the picture and think man I wish I was that fat now:) SO the lesson learned be grateful for our bodies all the time and embrace them, their really not so bad! I think you look fabulous then and NOW!!!

Thanks for sharing this post!

Love You!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for, ah, making me cry there mom. You just HAD to use that picture of me and grandpa.
I love it though... <3 I miss him.

Diana said...

I love how Rachie's head is just as big as mine in the picture where I am holding her! Heehee, she was the cutest out of all of us though...

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

Happy Birthday Rachel. I am sure ALL you wanted for your b-day was a bunch of naked pictures posted on the internet?? So sweet!
I love the glasses Marianne...I honestly wish I could have a pair.