Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time Travel Tuesdays~

My Granny H!

Last week I was in love with my mother's 1940's hair. I thought I would share a few photos of her cute mother Ida Lee Hamblin. She was an eastern Arizona girl born in March of 1884 in Nutrioso, Apache County. She was number eight in a family of 14 children! She was a school teacher before raising her own family of 12. I remember her as a quiet woman with a gentle smile. She was tiny like my mother, only about 5'2"  tall. She loved to quilt and crochet. She was a poet! We have a book of her thoughts and poems compiled by my mother. She was a widow for for 36 years. That just breaks my heart because she and my grandfather were a darling couple. She loved her grandchildren. I remember cookies from her kitchen when we visited and having sleepovers with my cousins at Granny's little bungalow on East 2nd St. in Mesa, Arizona where she lived most of her life after her dear Carl passed away.

This is the earliest picture of Ida that I know of approx. 1889. She is on the right with her arm around little sister Lillian. (I recall her being called Lil). I love, love, love this photo! Look at their darling little petticoats and bloomers peeking out from under their dresses! They are also wearing what I suspect are hand knit stockings. You can see the detail on Lil's lace-up shoes too. They are really sweet! The note she wrote on the back of this photo says she is five and Lil is 3. She wrote "two little pug noses!"

This is the family Ida grew up in. Her parents are John Willard Lee and Lucinda Clark Lee. This photo shows their children. That's little Ida on the far right  in the middle row. This photo was taken in 1895 She was 11 years old. Isn't she cute? This also shows some of the editing I have been doing. This picture is only half done. I hope you can tell which half. I am a wizard with the spot healing and clone stamp tools but that's about as far as it goes!
 Back row~ Margaret and Rainey
Middle~Minnie, Frank, Lillian, John, Dora, and Ida
Front~ Evaline, Marion, Claude Lytle (Dora's son), and Garland.

Here she is on the left with Lil on the right. The note on the back says this photo was taken "to celebrate the turn of the century" so this was either 1899 or 1900. She was about 16 years old. She and Lil were dressed just as proper young ladies of the day, very modest! I love the sashes at their waists, Ida's brooch and Lil's ruffles. Notice the shine on those button top shoes too!

I love this picture of Granny! She was a teenager here too, a bit older than in the last photo. I wish we had a wider view and could see her dress. She looks very fancy and well put together! My favorite thing is her hairstyle! I am thinking those ladies in the 1940's stole this look and made it their own!

I loved my Granny Hamblin and I miss her. I wish, now that I am older I could sit down with her and ask her so many questions. Maybe someday!

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URFAVE5 said...

I absolutely love all this family geneology and history your giving me. You need to go to blog2print website and make all of these Time Travel Tuesdays and Monday Memories into a book so it's all recorded forever.

Thanks again for sharing!

Love Ya,