Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time Travel Tuesdays~

One of the most delightful things about looking through my old family photos is seeing the styles on my mother and my aunties. They were so darling as young women and I am especially in love with how they did their hair. Ho DID they do it? The whole 1940's roll thing required a lot of hair pins (which were in short supply during the war). Mom tells a cute story of how my two cousins JoAnn and Dody would search the ground for bobby pins every day as they walked to and from school, so precious were the little metal devices.  To help get that roll big and full the girls sometimes used what was call a "rat". They saved their hair from their hair brushes and stuffed it into a clean old nylon stocking. They would then roll their front hair around it and pin it in place.  Looking at some of these photos I think Mom created her style without the rat's artificial help. So cute! Observe the results...

Helen Hamblin~high school ca.1939

 Senior picture 1940.

 Mom & my dad, George Ellsworth newly engaged. 1942.
This style was more "up" and tightly rolled.

 This one is wavy from pin curls.

Wedding day, June 5, 1942, Mesa, AZ.
Wavy up front, pulled back on the sides.

 I was thrilled to see this one! The "do" from the top. 
I imagine those hair pins had to be adjusted several times a day!
Mom is relaxing on a quilt with baby Sharon in her mother's front yard on East 2nd St.

 I love this one!  All pulled up and piled in front.
It reminds me of the way the Andrews Sisters wore their hair...you know,
  "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and all  that!

I am in trouble for this one, I am sure!
But really, hair took so much time and work to get just right back then! After washing it you had to curl it, in this case with pins curls. Then it had to dry. It was not proper to be seen in public with curlers in your hair and wearing the scarf was one way of hiding them and keeping them in place as well!
Seriously...isn't my Mom an adorable girl?!


Marianne said...

Hey you guys! See that plant behind my Mom in the 2nd to last picture? That's a poinsettia plant. My grandparents grew them in their yard on North Hobson St. Look how big they are! I asked my mother if the really bloomed all red a pretty and she said they sure did! You Arizonians should grow some. They are tropical you know!

Sarah said...

I love these pictures of Grandma- so much fun!!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

love love love the old photographs :) what a great post!

URFAVE5 said...

I love these pictures! Grandma is just beautiful! Thanks so much for this great post and the great pictures!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I just saw your new header picture for the first time...I lOVE it! So fun. And WOW look at Diana...that girl has hops!!! Super cute!

Dorie said...

LOVE the old hairstyles!! Great post Marianne! And hey, my house is going to be on the historic home tour this year for the first time in forever! It's Saturday January 29th! If you're around, you have to stop by!!